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Wallace Lady Wildcats win Paxton tournament PDF Print E-mail

By Christy Sheets

Sports Writer

The Wallace Wildcats competed in the Paxton Tournament on Tuesday, Sept. 21. 

The Cat’s first opponent was the Broncos from Wauneta-Palisade. The Wildcats were able to defeat the Broncos in straight sets 25-9, and 25-16.

The Wildcats were ready and took the early lead with a five-point service run by Laura O’Brien. The Broncos tried to come back and made some good plays, but the Lady Cats dominated the first set. 

Senior setter Katelynn Hild had a 10-point service run late in the set, bringing the score to 20 to six. The Lady Cats held the Broncos to a single digit score, winning the set 25 to nine.

The second set saw the Broncos striking first, taking the early lead four to one, but the Wildcats came roaring back to take the lead, 20 to seven. It was then that the Cats seemed to let up a bit. They had the Broncos down 24 to 10, and had managed to do some substitution with some younger players. 

The Broncos refused to go down without a fight as they hung on for six more points, and forced the Wildcat bench to call a time out. The Lady Cats closed the set on a well-placed tip from senior Shanice Harris, 25 to 16.

When asked about the match, Coach Rohde said, “We played really well.”  He added, “Some of our younger girls got some valuable court time, which is great.”

Leading the team offensively against the Tigers was senior Katelynn Hild with 18 points. Senior Shanice Harris (one ace) had six points, senior Laura O’Brien had five points, seniors MaKayla Gardner (one ace) and Whitney Smith each had four points, and senior Paige Kerchal had two points. 

Leading the team with set assists was O’Brien with 10, followed by Hild with eight, junior Emily Hasenauer with four, and Harris and Smith each with one.

Defensively, Smith led the team with eight kills, followed closely by Gardner and junior Brooke Hochstetler with six kills and one block. Harris had five kills


Wallace vs. Paxton

The Lady Cats then had to face the Tigers of Paxton. The cats lost their first set of the season in this match, but manage to come back strong for the win, 25-27, 25-22 and 25-14. 

The Wildcats were primed and ready to defend their spotless record, but the Tigers were ready to defend their home court, and took every advantage winning the first set in extra points 25 to 27. 

The Wildcats made some good plays in the next set, and success and cheers from the crowd seemed to boost their momentum. The Lady Cats took the second set 25 to 22. 

In the final set the Tigers fought hard, but sensing blood in the water, sealed the match 25 to 14.

“We really need this kind of match to push our girls to raise their level of intensity,” Coach Rohde said.

Leading the team offensively against Paxton was Smith (one ace) with 13 points. Hild had seven points, Harris (two aces) had six points, O’Brien had five points, and Gardner (three  aces) and Kerchal each had four points. 

Leading the team with set assists was O’Brien with 19, followed by Hild with 17, and Kerchal with one.

Defensively, Gardner led the team with 13 kills and two blocks, followed closely by Hochstetler with 11 kills and six blocks. Smith had nine kills and one block, and Harris had five kills. 

Wallace vs. 

Med. Valley

On Friday night the Wildcats traveled to Curtis to face the Medicine Valley Raiders. The Raiderss made some good plays, but the Cats were ready to fight. 

The Lady Cats defeated the Raiders in straight sets 25-13, 25-10, and 25-21.

In the first set the Lady Cats, came out swinging, as the Cats led by the defensive play of MaKayla Gardner, took a 10 to two  lead. After an ace block, the Raiders  tried to put something together, but the Cats were just too tough, pounding the ball to the floor and refusing to let it drop on their side. 

Senior Katelyn Hild stepped up to finish the first set diving for an apparently unreachable ball, sending it to the boards on the Raider’s side, 25 to 13.

The second set again seemed to be total Cat domination, with seniors Gardner and West slamming the ball to the court every chance they got. Gardner put together an awe-inspiring service run of six points, starting with three aces, forcing a time out, and finishing with one last ace to end the set 25-10.

The third set, however, saw a shift in momentum. Some well-placed shots and some tough calls, seemed to deflate  the Lady Cats a bit. 

The Cats never gave up, but seemed to be trailing most of the match. Nearing the end with the Raiders leading by two, senior Whitney Smith stepped up with a resounding kill, followed by a five point service run energized by blocks and kills from Hochstetler, to put an end to the set and the match, 25-21.

“We played really well tonight.” He added, “I was very pleased with the effort and determination that the girls showed through most of the match,” Coach Rhode said. 

Offensively, Smith led the team with 12 points (one ace), followed closely by Gardner who had 10 points (seven aces). Harris had nine points, O’Brien had eight points (one ace), Kerchal had seven points, and Hild had two points. 

Leading the team with set assists was Hild with 21, followed by O’Brien with 14, and Harris, Gardner, and Hochstetler each had one.

Leading the cats defensively Friday night was Gardner with 19 kills and two blocks. Hochstetler had nine kills and one block, and Harris and Smith each had eight kills. 

Next Action

The Lady Cats host Brady and Maywood at the Wallace triangular on Tuesday, Sept. 28 and Friday, Oct. 1, is homecoming for the Lady Cats. They will play the Broncos from Wauneta-Palisade.