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Lady Plainsmen struggle in last week’s volleyball competition PDF Print E-mail


By Jan Rahn

Managing Editor

Struggling to regain their competitive edge, the Perkins County Lady Plainsmen lost four of five games last week as they gear up to face the Lady Longhorns of Imperial on Thursday night. 

The Lady Plainsmen hosted a triangular with Chase County and Gothenburg on Sept. 28, then traveled to Gothenburg on Saturday, Oct. 2 where they lost all three games.



The girls showed no intensity in their first game against Chase County, said Coach Penny Hite, but their focus and communication plus excellent serving gave them the game 25-22 and 25-23. 

“They lacked the heart and desire to overcome anything that Chase County gave them,” said Hite. 

The girls got keyed up and lost their focus and communication, losing the sets 17-25 and 9-25. 

“We know we are a much more capable team,” said Hite. 

When the girls faced Gothenburg in the second game, they were ready to play. 

“I was very uneasy about this game,” said Hite. “I was not sure they could put Chase County behind them.”

But they did—and their communication paid off, overcoming Gothenburg in two.


PC vs Chase Co. 

17-25, 9-25

Kills: T. Osler 5, T. Metcalf 4, M. Humphrey 3, S. Metcalf 3, G. Patrick 1. Blocks: T. Metcalf 4 (2 ace), S. Metcalf 2 (1 ace), one each: G. Patrick (ace), K. Beck, M. Humphrey. Set assists: K. Beck 15. Ace serves: K. Beck 1. Def. digs: K. Beck 4/5, K. Cook 1/2, J. Day 4/6, T. Metcalf 1/4, Michi Prante 2/2, T. Osler 7/8, S. Pollard 0/1, S. Metcalf 1/2.


PC vs Gothenburg

25-22, 25-23

Kills: T. Osler 6, S. Metcalf 5, G. Patrick 4, T. Metcalf 2, K. Beck 1, M. Humphrey 1. Blocks: T. Metcalf 6 (1 ace), S. Metcalf 4 (2 ace), G. Patrick 3 (2 ace), T. Osler 3 (1 ace), one each: K. Beck, M. Humphrey, S. Pollard. Set assists: K. Beck 18. Ace serves: two each: J. Day, T. Metcalf, T. Osler, and Shalee Pollard 1.  Def. digs: G. Patrick 1/2, K. Beck 0/3, J. Day 7/9, T. Metcalf 3/4, M. Humphrey 0/1, M. Prante 1/3, T. Osler 1/1, S. Pollard 1/1, S. Metcalf 0/1.

Gothenburg Triangular

The girls got ahead in the third set against Holdrege but seven straight serves by the opposition stole the set and game. 

Holdrege went on to win the tournament with Ord as runner up. 

The girls struggled in the back row on defensive digs in the second game against Ord, falling 18-25 and 20-25.  

“We stayed with them throughout the game but didn’t get after the goals we set for ourselves,” said Coach Hite. 

The girls were disappointed with themselves and lost their intensity to compete against Gothenburg in game three, losing 21-25 and 13-25. 

“We definitely need to settle ourselves down and get back to the way we know how to play,” said Hite. 


PC vs Holdrege

25-22, 17-25, 23-25

Kills: T. Osler 10, M. Humphrey 9, T. Metcalf 8, S. Metcalf 6, G. Patrick 1. Blocks: S. Metcalf 12 (3 ace), T. Metcalf 9 (2 ace), two each: G. Patrick (1 ace), M. Humphrey, T. Osler.  Set assists: K. Beck 32, S. Pollard 1. Ace serves: one each: K. Beck, J. Day, T. Metcalf. Def digs: J. Day 8, T. Osler 5, T. Metcalf 3, S. Pollard 2, M. Prante 1.


PC vs Ord

18-25, 20-25

Kills: G. Patrick 4, M. Humphrey 4, T. Osler 3, T. Metcalf 2, K. Beck 1, S. Metcalf 1. Blocks: G. Patrick 3, T. Metcalf 2 (2 ace), M. Humphrey 2 (1 ace), S. Metcalf 1 (ace). Set assists: K. Beck 12, J. Day 2. Ace serves: J. Day 1, S. Metcalf 1. Def digs: J. Day 2. 

PC vs Gothenburg

Kills: S. Metcalf 6, T. Metcalf 4, T. Osler 2, G. Patrick 1. Blocks: T. Osler 4, S. Metcalf 3 (2 ace), T. Metcalf 2. one each: G. Patrick, K. Beck, M. Humphrey, S. Pollard. Set assists: K. Beck 12, G. Patrick 1. Ace serves: K. Cook 2. Def digs: J. Day 6, T. Metcalf 1.