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Pitching with Pritch...Tennessee Volunteers game has bizarre finish PDF Print E-mail

Tennessee’s’ mascot is the Volunteer, but they had a couple extra volunteers on the field at the end of their game with LSU this past weekend. 

If you watched the game, it was a really bizarre ending. LSU got into scoring range on about the three-yard line, and both teams starting subbing with just a few seconds left in the game. The ball was snapped and it got by LSU’s quarterback. It appeared that the Vols had won the game, but there was a flag. 

If the penalty is on the offense, the game is over, but the penalty was on the defense, for illegal participation. The Tennessee defense had not 12 men on the field but one picture counted 14, and I think when the ball was actually snapped there were 13 lined up. 

So now there is one more play and LSU scores and Tennessee goes from winning to losing in an untimed down. It is hard to hide three extra players on defense. I would think that the defensive coaches are wondering what happened. 

The Texas-Oklahoma game ended also ended with a “what if” kind of play. Oklahoma pretty much had their way with the Texas defense in the first half, but in the second half the Longhorns came to life and had just held the Sooners. They made them punt with a little over a minute to play. 

For some reason, the Texas player decided to try to run the punt even though he was well covered and he didn’t get the ball caught. Fumble, Sooner recovery, Texas loses, Oklahoma wins, and the Longhorns will come to Nebraska on a two-game losing streak. 

I would bet that most people didn’t think that would be the script at the beginning of the season. Now Nebraska must get over a poor showing against South Dakota, get ready for a very dangerous team in K-State at their place and then play a very upset Longhorn group. Should make for a continued great college football season.

This was a strange weekend without the Huskers playing on Saturday. I would imagine that in some ways the Husker coaches may like the Thursday night game with K-State because they have a little more time to recover and face Texas the next weekend. 

I don’t care if Texas has a two-game losing streak or not, it will be extremely tough for the Huskers when the Longhorns roll into town. K-State is undefeated and they will not be a rollover game either. 

On the local scene, the Plainsmen football team has an excellent chance to run the table in the regular season. They must play well each and every game. With two of the games on the road, Morrill and Bridgeport, and the game sandwiched between them being Chase County, nothing will be easy, but it will be a reachable goal. 

Good luck to all the Plainsmen teams as the fall season is not that all far from ending.

See you at the games.