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Over the next year, FSA/CCC is moving toward an electronic method for processing producers’ checks. When producers present checks, either by mail or in person, the checks will be converted into an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). 

The funds will be debited from the producer’s account, usually within 24 hours of receipt. 

Please see the U. S. Department of Treasury legal notices posted in the Service Center or visit the following U. S. Department of Treasury Internet site for detailed information:

PCC-OTC is a process for converting paper checks presented to FSA into electronic debits to the producer’s bank account. 

It presents many benefits, such as reducing lost/misplaced checks and paper handling. This improves customer relations, speeds the check clearing process, and reduces the potential for human error. 

If you present your check in person, the check will be scanned into the system, voided, and stamped with the words, “Electronically Processed” or Electronically Presented” and the voided check will returned to the customer. 

If the check is received by mail, the check will be scanned into the system and voided, and the customer will not receive the check back from FSA. After 14 calendar days, the check will be shredded.

Additional information on The 2009 Crop Assistance Program for Soybeans for Perkins County has not been received. Eligible producers will be contacted as soon as we get the additional information.

The office is busy doing prepayment reports as the CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) payments are scheduled to be released beginning Oct. 4., with the final DCP (Direct and Counter-Cyclical Program) payments to begin Oct. 8. We are hoping for a much smoother payment cycle then last year.

FSA is implementing a new system to report your crop acreages, but due to software problems, the date for initiating this program will not be Oct. 1, but at this time unknown. 

You may schedule an appointment to report your wheat plantings now, or can do it later when the snow is flying and maybe the software will be here. 

Requirements remain the same for crop reporting and you will have to have your planting dates and the acreages need to be what you turned into your crop insurance. 

We did receive new imagery which will become our official imagery.

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