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It’s amazing how many entities put themselves out there for recognition—and October is jam packed with them. 

It’s National Newspaper Week this week—find the staff’s advertisement in this week’s issue! It’s also Fire Prevention Week. Kids will be taught the importance of fire safety and get to view some of the equipment up close—a thrill for every little boy who wants to become a fireman. 

Mental Illness Awareness Week is also this week, Oct. 3-9. 

There is an article out on National Radon Awareness Week during Oct. 17-24.  

Then there are several organizations that have the whole month designated. Some are great and deserve support. Others make me ask, “What?!”

For instance, it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Village Inn is running a promotion for the nation’s largest breast cancer foundation, Susan G. Komen for the Cure. For each pink ribbon slice of French silk pie sold, $1 goes toward the foundation. 

My mom is a 23-year breast cancer survivor—that one is special to me. Additionally, I have several friends who are survivors, some of whom are my age. Scary. 

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month—good one. No one should have to suffer the ill effects of abuse, whether it’s physical or verbal, that comes with domestic violence. 

I didn’t know about National Sudden Cardiac Death Month until now, but I know there are many families affected by this tragedy. Again, mine being one of them. 

October is See to Learn Month in Nebraska—a good cause, and our local optometrists are getting involved in screening three-year-olds for vision problems before they start school. Further research indicates this is actually a national year-round program where optometrists provide free vision assessments. 

Oct. 13 is designated as National Fossil Day. “What?!” That one requires an explanation. 

Wait, there’s about Cyber Security Awareness Month! 

The next four not only have the whole month dedicated to the cause, but are also “national” causes—National Energy Awareness Month, National Disability Employment Awareness Month, National Statistics month (what?!) and National Fair Trade Awareness Month. Huh?

I’m sure there are more; I don’t have the time to dig deeper. What puzzles me is how, why, when these entities got their recognition pushed through to the level that it has become a national awareness with a whole month set aside for it. 

October appears to be a very busy month! But why October? Is it because everyone is in the hibernating  mode and feels like something needs to get pushed through before the holidays and before the new year? 

It seems like anyone and everyone with a cause can get recognition through the media by having the word “month” in the title. 

I really would like to know what it takes to gain the title, document it, publish it, have brochures made, etc., but I have a deadline to meet—it would be a shame if we weren’t able to announce these things during National Newspaper Week!

Jan Rahn