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Plainsmen crush Morrill Lions 65-0 PDF Print E-mail

By Pastor Vince Carrig

Sports Writer

Brody Prante scored two touchdowns from 30 yards away, Michael York carried the ball four times and scored three touchdowns, and the Plainsmen put points on the scoreboard faster than a machine gun could put bullets in it in their 65-0 obliteration of the Lions in Morrill Friday night.

Prante finished Perkins County’s first drive with a 30-yard touchdown run off right tackle, replacing a 44-yard touchdown run negated by a penalty just three plays earlier.

The Plainsmen rolled from there, putting up 51 points in the first 13:32 of play (almost four points per minute).

“They came and really got after it from the start, got Morrill on their heels and it just steamrolled from there,” Plainsmen Head Coach Chip Kay said after the game of his team’s impressive performance. “It seemed like everything we did turned to gold-we had great returns, good special teams plays, big plays on offense, ‘three-and-outs’ [on defense].”

Quarterback Michael York kept the ball on the Plainsmen next play from scrimmage after Prante’s score, bursting out into the Morrill secondary and meandering toward the left side for a 49-yard touchdown run. Two plays, two touchdowns.

Perkins County’s defense pushed the Lions offense backwards on Morrill’s first two drives. This began a busy evening for punter Taylor Lackey, but not necessarily a successful one: no Morrill punt flew more than 31 yards past the line of scrimmage.

York did not score on every run from scrimmage; he had to settle for an 18-yard pickup on the one carry that did not cross the goal line. But he gave the Lions no relief on the Plainsmen’s eighth offensive play, inviting blitzers to visit him while he dumped a screen pass to Prante. 

Prante saw a wide diagonal lane into the right corner of the end zone stretching 30 yards, and took it to give Perkins County a 21-0 first quarter lead.

York then couldn’t help but find room to run in the second level of Morrill’s defense, and took his next two carries for touchdown runs of 25 and 33 yards. York softened the Lions defense with two long passes to the end zone, which fell harmlessly to the ground. After sending receivers deep again, he found room to roam for the 33-yard score.

Jeremy Hagan pumped all nine extra points through, moving his accuracy to 25 of 26 (96 percent) after Plainsmen touchdowns.

Although Perkins County qualified to make the clock run in real time after leading 35-0 in the first quarter, by NSAA rules a game clock does not run continuously until the second half.

“I don’t know that you should ever feel bad about a win and certainly did not want to do anything unsportsmanlike, nor did anyone from Morrill feel that way,” Coach Kay said of the rising point total.

With no drop in intensity, Perkins County blocked a punt into Morrill’s own end zone. Elliot Carlson placed himself in front of the kick, which came back under Morrill’s control in the end zone for a safety.

Justin Hatcher and Chad Fosbinder combined to keep Morrill hapless after the safety and touchdown pass, bringing quarterback James Burford down

The team gaining two points for a safety also gets possession of the ball through a free kick, and Perkins County’s Kyle Schulze ran Morrill’s kick back 59 yards to the Lions’ six yard line.

      With the only pass actually thrown into the end zone, York found Taylor Boldt at the end zone’s right sideline. Boldt extended his arms and secured the pass for a 44-0 Plainsmen lead.

  Riley Kosmicki kept Morrill hapless, dragging down Lions rushers at or behind the line of scrimmage on consecutive plays and forcing them to punt to Christian Miyamoto, who offset a 31-yard punt with his 26-yard return, sending the Plainsmen right back to the Morrill 34-yard line with the ball.

  It took Perkins County running back Alex Johnston three carries, but he crossed the goal line after runs of 23, nine and two yards.

With the score 51-0, Quinton Hite took the controls at quarterback for Perkins County. Hite set up his own touchdown run with an interception while playing safety on defense, running his snag back 43 yards to Morrill’s 17-yard line. 

Hite punched in a one-yard sneak after runs from Tim Johnson and Carlson put him in perfect position.

After a third quarter scoring nap, Hite closed the books with an impressive 66-yard quarterback keeper in the fourth quarter. The sophomore signal caller called his own number and shot out of the shotgun to the left sideline. With only defensive back Fernando Valles to beat, Hite motioned toward the outside but crossed over to the inside to elude the tackle and finish his touchdown run.

“I think our performance is a compliment to how focused our players are on winning a district championship and understanding that every district game is like a playoff game for us, and the intensity and focus have to be there,” Coach Kay said. “A lot of different players were contributing to what happened [in the win], and I feel like we handled the whole evening pretty well.” 


Next Action

The 5-1 Plainsmen will need all the intensity they can muster to fend off the designs of the 3-3 Chase County Longhorns when the rival visits Grant this Friday. 

Chase County lived a parallel existence with the Plainsmen last Friday, pasting Bridgeport 46-0. The Longhorns also have a 48-0 win over Morrill on their resume, and won handily in Sutherland as well. Undefeated Wray (Co.) stung Chase County early in the season; North Platte St. Patrick’s squeaked by the Longhorns 9-7, and 5-1 Hershey edged them by a touchdown (28-21) the first week of October.


PC 65, Morrill 0

PC 35 23   0 7-65

Morrill 0   0   0 0-0

Team /Quarter /Time/Play

Perkins County 1 9:40 Prante 30 run (Hagan kick)

Perkins County 1 8:05 York 51 run (Hagan kick)

Perkins County 1 5:52 York 30 pass to Prante (Hagan kick)

Perkins County 1 1:50  York 25 run (Hagan kick)

Perkins County 1 0:00  York 33 run (Hagan kick)

Perkins County 2 11:04 Carlson safety

Perkins County 2 10:28 York 6 pass to Boldt (Hagan kick) Perkins County 2 7:33 Johnston 2 run (Hagan kick)

Perkins County 2 3:52 Hite 1 run (Hagan kick)

Perkins County 4 7:19  Hite 66 run (Hagan kick)

Rushing leaders-Perkins County: York 4/127 (51) 3TD; Johnson 7/80 (50); Hite 4/68 (66) 2TD; Prante 4/51 (30) TD; Johnston 3/34 (23) TD; Miyamoto 1/26; Hatcher 4/22 (7); Carlson 5/21 (8); Morrill: Uttecht 28/78 (20); Lackey 13/26 (22); Burford 4/11 (15).

Passing-Perkins County York 2-5-36-2-0; Morrill: Burford 2-5-15-0-1

Receiving-Perkins County: Prante 1/30 TD; Boldt 1/6 TD; Morrill Sokol 1/13; Lackey 1/2.

Fumble recoveries-Perkins County: Carlson, Brueggeman

Defense-Perkins County: Carlson 6.5/7; Hatcher 5/6; Boldt 4.5/3; White 4/4; Kosmicki 3.5/5; Johnston 3.5/5; Hite 3.5/1; Brueggeman 3/6; Brott 3/4.