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Lady Plainsmen keep SPVA trophy at home PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn

Managing Editor

SPVA champs—the trophy is in the hands of the Perkins County Lady Plainsmen after defeating Hershey in the championship game Saturday. 

As hosts of the SPVA tournament, the Lady Plainsmen handily defeated Maxwell in the first game Thursday night, then blew past Sutherland in their second round, leaving Hershey as the final challenge. 

It took five sets, but the Lady Plainsmen came out victorious over the Lady Panthers to capture the championship. 

Chase County lost right out of the gate, as did Maxwell, placing them in the fifth place bracket. Chase County defeated Maxwell in five sets. 

In semifinals, Hershey beat St. Pat’s in four and Perkins County downed Sutherland in three. Sutherland and North Platte St. Pat’s faced off for third place with St. Pat’s being the victor. 

Next Action: 

The Lady Plainsmen hosted Kimball Tuesday night and are scheduled to take part in the Cozad Invitational on Saturday. 

PC vs Hershey

25-13, 23-25, 25-14, 23-25, 15-13

Outstanding defense by both teams and playing five sets to win it made the victory even sweeter. 

Serving was down for the Lady Plainsmen—something Coach Penny Hite said the girls will be working on. 

“But for now we’re going to relish the thought of being SPVA champions and meeting one of our expectations this season,” she said. 

She said the girls are playing some good ball right now and they need to keep playing hard to keep their intensity level high. 

“We have lots to do before subs, but we will take it one game at a time,” said Hite.

Kills: S. Metcalf 19, T. Osler 18, T. Metcalf 11, M. Humphrey 10, G. Patrick 7, K. Beck 3. Blocks: S. Metcalf 12 (2 ace), T. Metcalf 11 (1 ace), G. Patrick 5 (3 ace), T. Osler 2 (1 ace), one each: K. Beck, M. Humphrey, S. Pollard. Set assists: K. Beck 57, G. Patrick 2, one each: M. Prante, S. Pollard, S. Metcalf. Ace serves: T. Osler 3, J. Day 2, one each: T. Metcalf, M. Humphrey, S. Pollard. Defensive digs: J. Day 12/15, S. Pollard 6/8, T. Osler 4/7, M. Humphrey 2/3, M. Prante 2/2, T. Metcalf 1/2.

PC vs Sutherland

25-16, 25-17, 25-7

The girls were determined to continue playing their own style of game, said Coach Hite. 

“We have been playing so well together and enjoying what we do,” she said. “The board was very even and Kristin (Beck) did a good job moving the ball around and giving our hitters many options. Jessica (Day) had a great defensive game and made our offense run so smoothly, having 13/14 on serve receive and 7/9 on defensive digs.”

Kills: S. Metcalf 9, T. Metcalf 9, T. Osler 7, G. Patrick 6, M. Humphrey 6, K. Beck 3. Blocks: S. Metcalf 4, T. Metcalf 4 (2 ace), K. Beck 3, G. Patrick 2, T. Osler 1 (ace), M. Humphrey 1. Set assists: K. Beck 28, J. Day 3, G. Patrick 1, T. Osler 1. Ace serves: K. Beck 4, S. Metcalf 4, J. Day 3, T. Osler 2, S. Pollard 2, T. Metcalf 1. Defensive digs: J. Day 7/9, S. Pollard 2/2, K. Beck 1/3, T. Metcalf 1/3, M. Humphrey 1/3, T. Osler 1/1, S. Metcalf 1/2, M. Prante 0/1. 

PC vs Maxwell

25-16, 25-14, 25-11

The first game gave the girls confidence for Saturday’s competition with Sutherland. 

“We played well together tonight, very fluid and confident,” said Coach Hite. “Intensity was the key tonight.” 

The girls played good fun damental ball which Coach Hite said would make them competitive on any level. 

Kills: T. Osler 13, S. Metcalf 5, M. Humphrey 5, T. Metcalf 4, G. Patrick 3, one each: K. Beck, J. Day, S. Pollard. Blocks: T. Metcalf 7 (4 ace), G. Patrick 2 ace, S. Metcalf 2. Set assists: K. beck 25, S. Pollard 2, J. Day 1, M. Humphrey 1. Ace serves: S. Metcalf 5, S. Pollard 4, T. Metcalf 4, T. Osler 1. Defensive digs: S. Pollard 5/6, T. Osler 2/3, T. Metcalf 2/2, K. Beck 1/1, M. Prante 1/1.