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Letter to the Editor...Vote Amendment One for local control PDF Print E-mail

Dear Nebraska citizens, 

I’m writing to encourage your approval of Constitutional Amendment One, which is on the Nov. 2, 2010 general election ballot.

Nebraskans have made it clear that they like local control. They have also made it clear that they appreciate ideas for taking pressure off Nebraska taxpayers by finding revenue sources other than increased taxes.

Currently, our state constitution only allows cities to fund certain projects with tax dollars. Amendment One will provide flexibility to find revenue for funding those projects other than with tax dollars, subject to a local vote of the people. Amendment One would give local communities more tools to create local jobs while maintaining local control, and without raising taxes.

In a 2010 edition of The Nebraska Poll, this question was asked: “Would you vote for or against allowing cities to access additional revenue sources other than property and sales taxes to help attract business and create new jobs with a local vote of the people?” The result was 74 percent for, 21 percent against and 4 percent don’t know.

In these uncertain economic times, finding ways to fund local projects without raising taxes and without giving up local control is increasingly important.

There are many reasons to vote for Amendment One, but here are three:

1. It increases local control.

2. It takes pressure off Nebraska taxpayers.

3. It provides flexibility for funding local projects to keep Nebraska’s towns vibrant.

There is no downside to Amendment One. Please join me and the other senators in the Nebraska Legislature –both Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal –in supporting Amendment One. It’s the one thing on the November ballot that we can all agree on.


Michael J. Flood

Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature

Paid for by Nebraskans FOR Local Control • Lynn Rex, Treasurer • 1335 “L” St. • Lincoln, NE 68508