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Letter to the Editor...We the People PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:

Last Sunday night someone took a Rebekah Davis for Congress sign from my front yard. Okay, a political sign is no big deal, but what has happened to our current election system is a big deal. 

The Constitution of the United States starts out, “We the people of the United States.” What ever happened to the idea in this great country that “We the people” will elect the representatives that go to congress? Oh, sure we get to vote, but are the elections fair? 

We all know special interest groups, including large corporations pump millions of dollars into elections, giving them more influence over the political system than anyone. Certainly more influence than you and I. 

Sure, to get elected, candidates need money, lots of money. Special interest groups are more than happy to give them money, but guess what, once elected these representatives of the people are beholden to their biggest donors; corporations and political action committees. These elected candidates are not beholden to “We the people.” 

The Supreme Court did not help “We the people” when in January they lifted restrictions on what corporations spend on candidates’ elections. It seems large corporations will be able to buy their candidates they send to congress. These corporations and special interest groups will be able to block substantive reform because their candidate will be beholden to them. 

In addition, after candidates are elected special interest groups spend more money on lobbyists. Where do “We the people” fit in all this? That is the problem, we do not. We need a clean system of campaign financing –“ one where politicians pay attention to principle and “We the People” rather than the need for campaign funds. 

Now, “We the People” can do something to gain back congress. We may not have millions of dollars, but we can vote for a candidate that states out in the open that she or he does not take special interest money for their campaign. This is a first step. 

We have such a candidate in the 3rd District and if she is elected she will actually represent “We the People” and not the special interest groups. I encourage everyone to get out, vote on Nov. 2nd, and vote for candidates that do not accept special interest money. 

There are only a few, a very few, but it is a first step to put “We the People” back in congress. 

Harry O. Schaffert 

Alliance, Neb.