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Editorial...Be a responsible voter PDF Print E-mail


Thank heaven there are only 12 days left until election, because I am so sick and tired of the political advertising already. 

A person can sit and watch television all evening and learn nothing about a candidate during commercials. 

I haven’t seen a commercial yet where a candidate says, “Here is what I can do for you....” All they have to talk about is what so-and-so did wrong. It’s so annoying. What matters is what a candidate has in store for the future if elected.

Instead of blasting the opponent, why don’t candidates inform voters about where they stand on issues of importance. 

For the upcoming election, we have several qualified candidates for races in Perkins County. 

Six individuals are vying for three seats on school board and two candidates are facing off for District 2 commissioner—both promise to be interesting races that call for voters to prepare in advance. 

I urge you to do your homework. Questions and answers from each of the school board candidates appear in this week’s issue. Read their answers and pay attention to how they have responded.

Questions and answers for the commissioner candidates will appear in next week’s issue. 

Get some facts, ask questions of your own, learn why they are running, learn what they think they can accomplish. 

It’s our responsibility as voters to educate ourselves about candidates. 

What a nice privilege as an American!

Jan Rahn