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Lady Plainsmen capture first-ever Cozad tourney win PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn

Managing Editor

The Lady Plainsmen have a Cozad Tournament win under their belts—the first one ever. 

“I couldn’t be more proud of their tenacity and determination to win!” said Coach Penny Hite after the girls downed Sutherland in game three following wins over Cambridge and Gothenburg.

The tourney consisted of several close sets, but the Lady Plainsmen defeated the other three teams in two sets each. 

Hite said she was worried about the games with Gothenburg and Sutherland, “but the girls played well and didn’t underestimate them.” 


PC vs Sutherland

25-20, 26-24

The Lady Plainsmen came out on top in two sets against the Lady Sailors, determined to be victors in the tournament Saturday, Oct. 23. 

Tori Osler led again in kills with eight. Leading defender was Shania Metcalf with six blocks. 

Kills: T. Osler 8, M. Humphrey 7, S. Metcalf 4, G. Patrick 2, T. Metcalf 2. Blocks: S. Metcalf 6 (1 ace), T. Metcalf 4 (1 ace), three each: G. Patrick, K. Beck. Set assists: K. Beck 23. Ace serves: T. Metcalf 4, S. Pollard 3, one each: K. Beck, T. Osler, S. Metcalf. 

PC vs Cambridge

25-21, 28-26

The serve receive went better in the second game and the girls picked up their intensity, being 100 percent on passes. 

The girls missed some key serves that could have cost them the set and possibly the game. They were down 22-24 in the second set but persevered to finish the game. 

“And that is reason enough to be proud of these girls!” said Hite.   

Tori Osler led in kills with seven. Leading blocker was Tanya Metcalf with seven. Kristin Beck put six ace serves across the net in addition to 21 set assists in the game.

  Kills: T. Osler 7, T. Metcalf 6, S. Metcalf 6, M. Humphrey 5, G. Patrick 3. Blocks: T. Metcalf 7, G. Patrick 5 (1 ace), S. Metcalf 4 (1 ace) , K. Beck 3, M. Humphrey 1. Set assists: K. Beck 21, J. Day 3, G. Patrick 1, T. Metcalf 1. Ace serves: K. Beck 6, S. Metcalf 3, one each: T. Metcalf, T. Osler, S. Pollard.  

PC vs Gothenburg

26-24, 25-23

It was a good feeling for the Lady Plainsmen to advance directly to the winning bracket after getting the win against the Lady Swedes in game one. 

Coach Hite said the girls are on a mission—taking just one game at a time. 

Everyone adjusted well in the game when a switch was made to put Michi Prante in as libero in Jessica Day’s absence. 

“An eight-game winning streak feels mighty good,” said Hite. 

Kills: T. Osler 6, T. Metcalf 6, S. Metcalf 5, M. Humphrey 4, G. Patrick 2, K. Beck 1. Blocks: T. Metcalf 6 (1 ace), G. Patrick 3, S. Metcalf 3, M. Humphrey 2, T. Osler 2, K. Beck 1. Set assists: K. Beck 19, T. Metcalf 1. Ace serves: one each—K. Beck, M. Prante, T. Osler.