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FSA Scoop...CLP and CAP funds available PDF Print E-mail

By Mary Karash

County Executive Director

Farm Service Agency, Grant, NE


USDA has announced the availability of a Conservation Loan Program that will provide farm owners and farm-related business operators access to credit to implement conservation techniques that will conserve natural resources.

Conservation Loan funds can be used to implement conservation practices approved by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), such as the installation of conservation structures; establishment of forest cover; installation of water conservation measures; establishment or improvement of permanent pastures; implementation of manure management; and the adaptation of other emerging or existing conservation practices, techniques or technologies.

Direct Conservation Loans can be obtained through local Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices with loan limits up to $300,000.

Guaranteed Conservations Loans up to $1,119,000 are available from lenders working with FSA.

For more information on the Conservation Loan program, contact your local FSA office or visit the website at

Crop Assistance Program (CAP). Applications for this program will be accepted from now through Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010. Perkins County qualifies for 2009 soybeans.

You will be receiving a letter in the mail with information if you had soybeans planted in 2009.

Additional details are still coming into the office on this program. Producers will self-certify that they have met the loss threshold for an eligible crop; however, as a condition of their application, producers agree that they have verifiable or reliable production evidence to support the five percent or greater loss claimed on the application.

Producer certifications of loss are subject to spot check by FSA. Additionally, producers agree to retain evidence supporting their certifications and applications for three years after date of application.

For 2009 CAP, producers or legal entities whose average Adjusted Gross Nonfarm Income for the three taxable years of 2005, 2006, and 2007 exceeds $500,000 are not eligible.

Eligible acres are those planted and considered planted acres to 2009 soybeans and certified by a producer on form FSA-578, Report of Acreage, prior to the publication of the CAP interim rule on Oct. 25. Late-filed reports will not be considered.

If you had soybeans planted in 2009 and do not receive a letter in the next 10 days, please stop into the office.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.