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Pitching with Pritch...Notable news in sports world PDF Print E-mail

By Larry Pritchett

Past PCHS Activities Director


Here are some items from this past week that caught my attention. Some surprised me, some didn’t and a lot of what happened is what makes athletics so interesting.

First of all, regardless of all the hype, the drama, the criticism and even the birth of a new commercial from Nike trying to explain LeBron’s side of things, we found out that Miami will not go 82-0 in the regular season. Even with the dynamic trio of Bosh, Dwade and LeBron, winning is not automatic.

The Celtics are a lot older, but playing together is still better than everyone just doing their thing. It was evident that it will take time for the Heat to get the heat turned up.

One thing it did look like was that LeBron turned the Heat into a replica of his old Cleveland team, especially in the third quarter when everyone on the Heat just stood and watched LeBron go one on one for the period.

Although Miami fought back from a 20 point deficit, they still lost to a more experienced group in the Celtics. Worst part of the night was that I don’t really like to watch professional basketball and I watched the entire game.

I used to just watch the pros when the finals get here but even as much as I like basketball, by June when they are playing the finals, I have lost interest.

I guess if it makes any difference to anyone and it probably doesn’t, I am not a big fan of professional football either.

I used to be more of a football fan than I am now, but for some reason I have lost interest. A good college football game or basketball game is way more exciting to me than anything at the professional level.

For example: The Brett Favre injury and his use of telephone technology could come to and end at anytime for me. There comes a time when you can’t help your team and he is getting pretty close to that time.

At that level, it appears that some of the inmates get to run the prison and you understand when someone makes a million dollars a game, ownership probably wants to play him if at all possible. BUT Favre can’t make the plays he used to be able to make. He sees his teammates but he oft times, this year, throws it to the other team. You can get quarterbacks that only make a million per year to do that.

I do have to give him credit for a pretty gutty effort on Sunday against New England. It will be interesting to see if the last hit he took will be more serious than just a cut chin. It hurt me to watch.

On A High School Level

After seeing the first round of the C1, C2, D1 and D2 results I am convinced that there are too many teams in the NSAA football playoffs.

There were 128 teams in the four lower classes of the play-offs. Twenty-two of those teams were 4-4 teams and 15 teams had losing records with one 2-6 team making the play-offs.

The biggest score differences came in the lower two classes with games of 72-0, 66-0, 54-0, 66-3, 78-6, and 70-12 being a few examples.

In C1- and C2 the scores were closer, but still there were scores of 54-6, 46-0, 45-0, 40-0 59-6 62-21 and 51-0. Out of the 4-4 teams, three of them advanced and one 3-5 team advanced.

Like I mentioned last week, I don’t have an answer, but who wants to watch a 72-0 state tournament game?

How ‘Bout the Huskers

Nebraska beats Missouri by scoring 24 in the first quarter and losing Taylor Martinez at half time due to a leg injury. Just like everyone thought it would go, right?

According to most of the people who took time to write in to the various media outlets in Missouri, the reason the Tigers lost was because the officials missed the helmet to helmet tackle in the fourth quarter on their quarterback.

If I remember correctly the Huskers got 24 in the first quarter. I thought the biggest reason the Tigers lost was because they let a running back run from Memorial Stadium to somewhere around Grand Island without touching him.

It was a great step for the Huskers to take in winning the North Division of the Big 12, but they better win and not think that the tough part of the schedule is over.

Just a reminder that Iowa State beat Texas, Baylor beat Texas and Nebraska loses to Texas. Still have to play some really good football to get a Big 12 Championship.