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PCHS constructing new greenhouse PDF Print E-mail

By Sibylle Skub & Casey Lake

Perkins County High School


The new greenhouse, which is being constructed by Mr. Babbitt and Mr. Terwilliger’s classes, is located by the south parking lot.

The inspiration for this project, which came from Mr. Babbitt, was the small size of the old greenhouse. Students could not work in it very well.

Another reason is the new aquaponics and the small animal production area of the project.

In the new greenhouse there will be many components being built and, “The old greenhouse will be torn down and sold to whomever offers the most for it,” said Mr. Babbitt. The thing Mr. Babbitt is looking forward to the most is, “Having room to work in it with my classes. Having classes that are upwards of 20 students will make it wonderful.”

Mr. Babbitt and Mr. Terwilliger will work with both construction classes on the greenhouse until it is completed.

According to Mr. Babbitt the lucky classes who get to work in it are “Intro to Ag, Animal Science, Plant Science, Ag Business, Leadership, Horticulture, and Landscaping.  The facilities will also be available to any of the science, business, and technology classes in the school district, including visits from elementary and middle schools.”

Mr. Babbitt also said that their tasks will include, “Growing annual and perennial grasses in the fall to market in late winter to horticulture clients across the state, providing opportunity for hands on selling to real world clients with customer service support.”

Spring in the greenhouse will allow the classes to produce the plants for the FFA plant sale and any landscape projects needed.  

Mr. Babbitt said the greenhouse will be used for “Aquaponics Bay, which is using fish to simulate growing conditions and feed to gain rations for animals, to observe this growth and to monitor the genetics of the breeding, and the raising of the fish and red claw lobsters. Small animal production will be another use, which is using the incubator to hatch different chickens and fowl, so these animals can be used for SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experiences) projects by FFA members.”

We do not even have to worry about looking after it because it is “no more complex than keeping living things alive, by feeding, providing shelter and water for their survival,” said Mr. Babbitt about the greenhouse.

When asked what the pros and cons of the new greenhouse are Mr. Babbitt answered, “Pros: Better learning facilities, more room, more opportunities for learning. Cons: More work, more to clean up, more to maintain.”

If you still want to know more about the new greenhouse, visit the video reports on the progress on Mr. Babbitt’s web page. To get there, go to , click on staff, then go to Doug Babbitt’s page. Then click on “New Greenhouse” and watch the videos.