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Huskers appear to be victims of a conspiracy PDF Print E-mail

By Larry Pritchett

Past PCHS Activities Director


Things are just right this weekend if you are a fan of Hollywood producer Oliver Stone and his conspiracy movies. I think there was another shooter on the grassy knoll in Dallas the day JFK was shot, and it is getting easier and easier to think that the Big 12 wants to make sure the Huskers leave the Big 12 on their way to the Big 10 with a very bad taste in their mouth.

Saturday at College Station was a prime example. Texas A&M, the most penalized team in the Big 12 gets called for two penalties for a total of 10 yards while the beloved Cornhuskers get whistled for 16 penalties for a total of 145 yards. Sometimes it isn’t how many penalties you get but when you get them and again there were some timely calls for A&M that kept drives alive.

It is hard to believe that a team can attempt as many passes as A&M did or run as much as they did against a better than average defense that the Huskers certainly has and not get one holding penalty called.

The problem anymore is that we are not just listening to these games on a Philco radio, but you can see them on 50 and 60 inch high def televisions. Plus you can DVR them and watch the plays over and over and over.

Now after I let my fantasy idea run by, I start to think about reality.

I don’t think the Big 12 officials are good enough to be able to come up with a conspiracy plan for anything, let alone trying to put the screws to Nebraska or any other team in the league. Some teams, take Texas for instance, can do it all by themselves.

Were there some really questionable calls in the game? I have to think there were a bunch. Did Coach Pelini help keep his players calm and cool in difficult times? I don’t think so. Did he help his own cause much late in the game? Not one bit. Did he have reason to scream? Probably so.

I admire his passion for the game. I think his teams are for the most part prepared and play hard for him. I am still not sure that his Bob Knight approach to screaming at players during a game is the way to go and I am a fan of Bob Knight but a lot of kids, especially today, will not like that approach to coaching.

I am also sure that there might be some former players of mine and maybe some fans who would like to know when this philosophy developed. I don’t think I had too many meltdowns outside the locker room during a game with a player, but I know I used to visit with officials once in awhile about how they were doing or not doing taken from my point of view only.

I know that there were a number of instances during the game where you wonder what the officials saw or didn’t see.

In my opinion the unsportsmanlike penalty against Ben Cotton was really wrong in many ways, but it does go back to the old thing about the second guy who reacts is the one who gets caught.

Saturday night almost instantly after the game there were clips on YouTube showing why Cotton gave a little kick directed at the A&M player.

Cotton was getting more attention than a personal “patdown” by the TSA at an airport and his reaction I think I can say was pretty much a normal reaction if what looked like was going on was happening.

That whole situation would have been avoided if the officials would have gotten to the pile before it became a pile because Cotton had clearly recovered the ball with NO ONE around him.

In the end, as Coach Pelini stated in his always interesting press conference after the game, “This game is irrelevant, we can still control what we want to get done” and now they have just a little more pressure on them to get by Colorado this Friday.

I would be interested if Dr. Tom will intervene a little here with a session on “Sideline Decorum” or if Nebraska will hear from the Head Conspiratory man Mr. Beebe from the Big 12 office.

Coach Pelini does get emotional, so I hope he doesn’t resort to the same tactics that an Omaha bowler used last week.

After some trash talking during league bowling, it apparently carried outside the bowling alley where it developed into some pushing and shoving.

One of the bowlers produced a Taser and proceeded to throw a straight 80,000 volt charge into his opponent. When the Tasered bowler’s friends came to his aid, the Tasermaster sprayed them with “pepper spray.” That is why I quit bowling, too much violence.


Husker Basketball

I got to see the Huskers men’s basketball team last week. My son Troy and I took in the NU vs Arkansas Pine Bluff game and it really wasn’t that good of a game. It was more like a scrimmage.

The Huskers won by about 40 and everyone who had saved their ticket got a free Runza because Arkansas PB was held to under 50 points.

Arkansas PB played in Lincoln last year also and they actually started their season last year 0-11 with all 11 games on the road. That worked so well for them that they are playing their first 12 on the road this year. That is a lot of travel and a lot of losses.

I don’t know what kind of guaranteed money they get for playing all of those road games, but it must finance their entire athletic program. I don’t know what conference they play in either, but I would think that they don’t get into much post-season play with 11 losses to start a season.

The Huskers went to Puerto Rico for a tournament there and they lost to Vanderbilt and Davidson and defeated Hofstra to run their record to 3-2.

Won’t be long for the high schoolers to get started with wrestling and basketball. Come and support them!

See you at the games.