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State’s beer distributors remind adults: don’t provide PDF Print E-mail

On Thursday, Dec. 2, the Associated Beverage Distributors of Nebraska (ABDN), Neb. First Lady Sally Ganem, and Executive Director of the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, Hobert Rupe, kicked off ABDN’s Prevent Don’t Provide statewide campaign to remind parents and other adults that it is illegal to buy alcohol for minors or provide it to them, no matter what the occasion.

Not allowing minors to drink alcohol or refusing to buy it for them and their friends should be non-negotiable.

Nebraska’s Beer Distributors are committed to spreading this message statewide and in doing so, will offer point of sale display reminders to liquor, convenience and grocery stores in all of the distributor territories.

Window signs, case cards, table talkers, corner clings and cooler stickers will be made available to Nebraska retailers for prominent display in an effort to remind adults that it is illegal to provide alcohol to minors.

The Nebraska Beer Distributors recognize the important role parents and other adults play in the fight against underage drinking. Providing alcohol to minors is illegal, unsafe, and irresponsible.

ABDN President, Tony Gillick stated, “We wanted to do our part and remind adults that it is illegal to purchase or provide alcohol to minors.”

First Lady Sally Ganem said, “Buying alcohol for young people sends a message that underage drinking is acceptable, and it reinforces the perception that drinking is a rite of passage, rather than a dangerous choice. “Nationally, teens who drink say they are getting alcohol from adults. We need more people to set an example at home and to help young people make better, safer choices.

“Parents have an important role to play in changing the culture of underage drinking. Our children need to know without a doubt that underage drinking is not acceptable. Efforts like this help reinforce that message. I want to thank Nebraska distributors and retailers for being part of the effort to stem underage drinking in Nebraska.”

Nebraska Executive Director of the Liquor Control Commission, Hobert Rupe, stated, “The Commission wishes to thank the Nebraska Beer Wholesalers and their retail partners in coming forward with this plan to address underage access to alcohol. We have long said that underage drinking is a multi-faceted problem that requires a multi-faceted approach.

“This program will serve as a reminder to both the retail seller of alcohol and the purchaser of the product that these products should only be used by those twenty-one years of age and older. This program shows that the responsible liquor licenses want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.”