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By Whitney Smith

Wallace High School


The Wallace High School students arrived back to school on Tuesday with a fresh outlook for the end of the year. When the students came back you could tell some were excited to see their friends that they hadn’t seen in two weeks.

The seniors, however, had a glazed over look in their eyes. For the seniors it is their last semester at our school where they know absolutely everyone including the teachers.

There are only four months of school left, and for the seniors it’s their last.

As we seniors are getting highly overwhelmed with the upcoming due dates for scholarships and many other “lasts” we are experiencing, I believe Mrs. Erickson wanted us to have an “Intervention.”

We were told to go into the gym for an assembly not aware of what or who was going to be there. As the students filtered in and found their seats there was nothing in the gym but 10 empty chairs sitting right in front of us.

Mrs. Erickson then came in and informed us that she had multiple alumni coming in to talk to the student body about college, grades, future careers, etc.

There were seven Wallace graduates who came in to talk and answer our questions, including, Brooke Harris (University of Nebraska at Kearney), Josi Hasenauer (Northwestern Oklahoma State University), Tarassa Swedberg (University of Nebraska at Kearney), Jordan Doell (South Dakota School of Mines), Bryce Hasenauer (Hutchinson Community College - Kansas), and Andy Barner (University of Nebraska Lincoln).

The former Wallace High School students went through many different topics like the social life, scholarships, study habits, time management, and so many others.

The current students were given the opportunity to ask any questions they wanted about college or their future careers. It seemed to give students a little better insight into the college life from people they know and relate to better.

As a senior, I found it helpful in the fact that they had all been in the same boat I am and they still made it this far. Now if only graduation can get here faster!