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Pitching with Pritch...Learn when to brag and when to bet PDF Print E-mail

By Larry Pritchett

Past PCHS Activities Director


Okay, how many of you took the Seahawks to beat the Saints in the first round of the NFL playoffs? Of the two games played last Saturday, the game that looked hard maybe to pick would be the Jets and the Colts.

The Colts have their ace in hole, Peyton Manning, and the Jets have…Coach Rex Ryan.

Ryan always seems to come up with some big brag about how good the Jets are and then they get blown out of the water by whoever they are playing. But these first two playoff games are exactly why games are played and the outcomes are settled on the field, not on paper or in papers by sportswriters.

The Seahawks and Saints game, however, looked like the “No Brainer” that everyone thought it should be.

The Vegas boys had the Saints favored by 10 1/2 points playing on the road. That is a pretty big spread in the pros.

If you were a betting person and you had courage enough to bet the farm, you hit the mother lode. Not only did the Seahawks win, but they spotted the defending Super Bowl champions some points and then came from behind to do it.

The Seahawks were the first NFL team to ever win their division and get into the playoffs with a losing record, and now even by winning their first round they are a game under 500. But they seem to have a great commodity and that is momentum.

All of a sudden they have some success and it breeds more success. It happens repeatedly in athletics.

The Jets also should have gained some momentum with their win over the Colts, but I am pretty sure that confidence wasn’t as big a concern with the Jets as it might have been with the Seahawks.

In the third game the Ravens pretty much took care of Kansas City. KC hasn’t won a playoff game at home since 1993 and they kept that record going against Baltimore.

At this writing the Eagles and the Packers were just about ready to kick off, and I think the Packers could win it, but that means the Eagles will probably win it.

I haven’t picked one correctly yet.

SPVA this Week

The coming week is SPVA basketball week. This is one of the biggest weeks of the season and one that kind of tells you where you are team-wise at this stage of the season.

I would be willing to bet that this year will be no different than the other 45 or so that I have seen, and that means that the tournament will be competitive.

Every year the teams seem to rise to the occasion and the games are great to watch.

Having the games at North Platte Community College gives the tournament a “district” atmosphere so it is fun for the players and the fans. Plan on making the trip to North Platte and support the Plainsmen.