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Pitching with Pritch...Best player nobody’s seen PDF Print E-mail

By Larry Pritchett

Past PCHS Activities Director


Who might be the best college basketball player that very few people have ever got a chance to see this season?  That might just be Jimmer Fredette of BYU.  
When you go to a college on the west coast, even if you are very good, you don’t always get great TV time.  That is part of Fredette’s problem.  
One of the biggest games going this past week was undefeated San Diego State, rated number four in the nation vs. Brigham Young, rated number nine.
How many people got to see it?  Not a lot in comparison to a normal eastern time zone or central time zone game.  Then add to the equation that it was on CBS Sports Network and bingo, great game, great individual effort by the Jimmer and a lot of people still don’t know what he looks like.
Fredette is the leading scorer in the nation at 27.4 per game.  He is one of those shooters that come along and you can actually put the term “pure” right in front of “shooter.”  He has greater depth than NBA and he shoots the three at a 42 percent clip this year.  He had 43 points against San Diego State on Wednesday night as BYU put the first blemish on them, 71-58.  
Fredette had a career high of 49 last year in a 30 point margin of victory over Arizona.  He has hit for 40 three times this year and for at least 30 on four occasions.  The 6-foot-2 guard from Glens Falls, New York also has a great cross over move and dunks the ball every now and then.  
There seems to be some question about his NBA possibilities, but I would think that some team will take a chance because of his shooting skills alone.  
BYU got into the NCAA tournament last season and won a first round game.  They might have a chance to go deeper in the tournament because Fredette seems to have some pretty good teammates also.  
There is a ton of stuff on YouTube if you want to see in particular what his range for the three is.  There is some remarkable distance on some of his shots.  If he continues scoring at the 27-plus rate, he will be mentioned a lot in the “Player of the Year” groupings.  He is worth watching a BYU game.

High School Basketball Season Heading To End
I always felt that once the SPVA was over, the entire season ended very quickly no matter how far you would go in the playoffs.  Well, even with the NSAA allowing more games this year for high schools schedules, there isn’t much of the season left before sub-districts start.  
The girls have Cambridge, Cozad, Creek Valley and Hayes Center and then it is subs. The boys have those teams plus Hershey, and then it will be sub-districts for them.  
There are still three home games left for the girls and the boys’ teams so you have time to come out and support them.  I know they will appreciate your attendance.