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It’s time for the discussion PDF Print E-mail

It will be interesting to see what happens with Senator Mark Christensen’s proposed Legislative Bill LB516 to authorize carrying of concealed handguns in educational institutions by security personnel, administrators or teaching staff. In other words—those who choose to could pack a gun in the hallways of Nebraska’s schools.
It breaks my heart.
Senator Christensen says it’s time for the discussion.
And believe me, there will be discussion—not only in the Legislature, but in every household, every school and every business across the state.
“Scary and sad” are the only words I can choke out. I can’t believe it has come to this.  
When my kids were little, it was so comforting knowing they were in school—the safest place on Earth. I knew they were cared for and that they were happy. What’s not to be happy about.....they were with their friends, teachers doted over them, they learned something new each day, they came home proud and excited.
Sending a child off to school each fall after a hectic summer of wondering where they were every minute of every day was a very satisfying feeling. I always heaved a sigh of relief when school started because I knew from that point forward, until the last bell nine months later, that they would be secure under the watchful eye of the dedicated teachers and staff.
Sure, I worried about them—after all, they could get hurt at recess—but their safety was never questioned.  
The world we live in now has shattered that feeling. I have deep dread in my heart that my grandchildren are going to be exposed to dangers that would have been only a wild imagination for my parents and their parents.
Columbine shattered my belief that kids are safe in school. We moved here from Denver. I will never, ever forget that day.
Several years later, when the top story in the news is a school shooting, it barely draws attention, depending on where in the country it happened. The shock factor has worn off. The latest shooting and killing of a Nebraska administrater definitely got attention—because it happened in our state.
Now.....what is our state going to do about it? Will a bill in the Legislature put a stop to further incidents? Or will it just put fear into the little heads it is meant to protect? Will students be less likely to point a gun at a teacher or another student if they know there are school officials carrying a weapon also? Would a teacher or administrator actually be able to point a weapon at a gun-toting  student, look them in the eye and pull the trigger?
Are we becoming a society where everyone will be carrying handguns like they carry cell phones—think about it. That statement is NOT that farfetched.
The discussion is coming. There will be good argument on both sides. And I could argue both sides.
Jan Rahn