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Editor’s Note: Grant resident Kris Jaques, plagued by autoimmune problems for years, experienced dramatic improvement after trying a product called Nopalea, a wellness drink made from antioxidant-rich nopal cactus fruits believed to have health benefits.
Her story was featured in the December 2010 issue of “VitaJournal.”
It is reprinted here with permission:


Kris Jaques was a Nopalea skeptic. “Like many individuals dealing with chronic health issues, I began to believe that there was nothing that would help me feel any better,” she says. “So, when someone asked me to try Nopalea, my first thought was, ‘How will this be any different than anything else I have tried?’”
The Grant, Nebraska resident was distrustful with good reason. She had dealt unsuccessfully with a variety of autoimmune health issues for over 15 years.
Health care professionals were perplexed about how to treat this condition. Finding adequate relief was an ongoing (and mostly fruitless) quest.
Kris states, “My problem became even worse when several years later, I was diagnosed with another autoimmune condition that can affect any tissue in your body and also causes unsightly skin blotches.”
That caused Kris to travel many times to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for much-needed help.
Because so little is known about this condition, Kris became a “test” patient. To compound the problem, Kris found out she had cysts on both knees.
“I truly have never experienced such pain,” she remembers. “As a hair salon owner, I had to constantly be on my feet. I was concerned that these cysts were going to end my career...a career that I love.”

Relief From Many Problems
Finally, the tide began to turn for Kris when a TriVita Affiliate Member encouraged Kris to try Nopalea.
“At first I told her I was not interested at all,” Kris state. “I had tried another wellness product with no relief.”
After lots of coaxing, the Affiliate Member finally talked Kris into trying  one bottle of Nopalea. Even though she didn’t follow the Loading Phase, Kris’ customers started commenting about her improved appearance.
“What are you doing differently?” was becoming a frequently-asked question. That’s when Kris started taking Nopalea seriously. Her confidence in this-anti-inflammatory drink continued to increase as the health benefits grew. She even started applying Nopalea topically to her face.
Says Kris, “Not only was my face improving—my entire body was feeling so much better.”
Fast forward to today: Kris’ autoimmune symptoms are almost nonexistent and the cysts have improved so much that she easily stays on her feet with hardly any pain. The cavalcade of health benefits includes increased energy, better sleep and normalized blood pressure.

Awestruck Doctors
Needless to say, Mayo Clinnic doctors have been very impressed with Kris’ progress during her follow-up visits; her doctor even brought in numerous colleagues to see the dramatic results firsthand and ask questions about Nopalea.
In fact, the same Mayo Clinic doctor states the following in her clinical documentation: “I definitely cannot argue that Nopalea has probably provided her more benefit than some of the medications she tried previously.” Kris isn’t afraid to go a little further by adding, “Nopalea has provided more benefits than any medication I have tried.”
All doubts swept aside, Kris, too, has become an Affiiliate Member. Her reasoning is simple. “I want to give others a chance to see how this anti-inflammatory drink can make such a difference in their it has in mine. I feel like I have been given a second chance in life!”