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Pitching with Pritch...Being neutral makes it fun PDF Print E-mail

By Larry Pritchett

Past PCHS Activities Director


The Husker men have difficulty winning on the road in Big 12 play and haven’t done it for a long time, but last Wednesday they did travel to Waco, Texas and played Baylor really tough but lost 74-70.
The game was close in a lot of areas with the exception of free throws attempted.
Baylor went to the line 44 times and Nebraska got there 19. The Huskers are one of the best defensive teams in the conference and they had been averaging putting the opponents on the line just 16 times per game.
When asked about the 44 free throws the Bears shot, Coach Sadler commented, “I guess we fouled too much.”
It is hard to win at home or on the road if the opponent gets 44 attempts from the free throw line.
Also on Wednesday night there was a real rivalry game and it was Duke and North Carolina. I don’t really care who wins as long as it isn’t Duke, but I am not really infatuated with UNC either.
I do think that they are two of the best coached teams around and they both have talent. They are good every year because of those two items.
I also think that Benedict Williams would have been a good coach if he would have stayed at Kansas–but he didn’t–therefore he got renamed from his given name of Roy to Benedict.
But like a lot of good programs, KU rebounded, no pun intended, and Bill Self has done well with the Jayhawks. But back to UNC and Duke.
It was hard to think that Duke, after being down 16 in the first half and looking like they were not even close to being on UNC level, could come back and win.
I did think that the officiating got Duke Blue friendly in the second half, but that happens a lot. North Carolina had them in a world of hurt and couldn’t put them away. The 8-0 run at the first of the third quarter got the Cameron rowdies into the game and the Dukies went on a tear. It was a good game to watch especially if you didn’t really care who won.
Jay Bilas had an interesting thought about college basketball on Thursday after the Duke and UNC game. It was a comment about basketball in general and he said that he didn’t think there was a really “great” college team this year, and part of the problem is the fact that so many college kids leave after one year. He didn’t affix a blame anywhere, it is just the way the sport is at this time.
You can’t blame kids who have the skills to go to the pros and make a ton of money, but as Bilas pointed out, the players are skipping a developmental level or two when that happens. There is no one to oversee the sport. The NCAA sure doesn’t oversee development of players.
There is no commissioner of college basketball. You don’t see that happening as much in football. It happens but not as much. More players stay longer and develop their skills. He could have a very valid point.

High School Sub Districts Starting
The high school playoffs began Monday for girls teams across Nebraska. Some seasons will have ended by the time this is printed. The boys will follow suit next week. This is the fun time of the season.