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Another Perspective...‘Cinderella’ entertains another generation PDF Print E-mail

By Lori Pankonin



A bit of trivia I happened to see over the weekend clued me in that Walt Disney released the ever popular “Cinderella” 61 years ago.
Yes, Feb. 15, 1950 kicked off the showing of a princess tale that continues to be very much a part of my life yet today. Oh indeed. I have a Cinderella beach towel very available in my clothes closet and heaven forbid if it should get misplaced again.
I walked by that towel when doing some shopping locally several months ago and put it in my shopping cart. Realizing that I shouldn’t be such an impulse buyer, I put it back. But lo and behold, the next time I was in the store, it made it all the way to the cash register.
You see, Tayvin, our three-year-old granddaughter, is a princess wannabe through and through. When her baby sister was born more than a year ago, I took a Cinderella dress as her big sister gift.
Oh my. She wore that dress day in and day out, along with the glass (plastic) slippers. And sing! Yes, she’d roam the house with her eyes fluttering as she sang to her volume capacity, twirling and dancing with her prince charming.
That’s why the grandma in me just couldn’t pass up the Cinderella beach towel. Cinderella’s image filled the full height of the towel and was taller than our little princess.
Bubble baths are part of the entertainment at Grandma’s house with the jets really stirring up the bubble action until the foamy peaks grow and grow to great heights.
DELIGHT and THRILLS made the purchase of that towel worth every penny when Tayvin first saw it. Off to the bathtub we went. After using it to dry off, we then had to toss it in the dryer so Tayvin could sleep with it in the Little Mermaid sleeping bag.
And so it was. Baths and the Cinderella towel became ritual. That is until I couldn’t find the towel. You’d have thought it was the end of time. I brought out a fun towel with turtles and there would be NO settling for that.
Tayvin has one of those darling girly looks with an adorable smile that robs the hearts and brings oohs and ahs from strangers. But let me tell you, she has a moody side and can be quite the drama queen.
There she stood shivering while dripping wet, refusing to dry off with anything but the Cinderella towel. How could such a tiny petite thing have such control? Drama. Drama. Drama. So I finally gave up the search and said she could cry and shiver or use the other towel and come join us for a snack and playing.
Alas, she gave in. All was well.
I’ll have to say that I don’t specifically remember seeing the “Cinderella” movie in my childhood years but I no doubt did. What I do remember is when Russ and I took Brooke, Tayvin’s mom, to see the movie in a Denver theater when she was probably two or three.
It was a huge theater in a shopping mall and taking in the matinee was rather impromptu when we saw the billboard. We were the only three in the entire massive room. It’s not like it was a new flick. After all, it had already been around 35 plus years at that time.
My husband is a loud laugher and he’s been known to turn heads during any movie. But you should have heard him (and seen him) when the mice were singing and making a dress for Cinderella to wear to the ball.
He laughed with great gusto. We had thought the movie would be a treat for Brooke but her father indeed took pleasure as well as the child certainly came out in him.
Walt Disney flicks are indeed classics. Tayvin has about every costume and can quickly change the role from one princess to another, being very familiar with them all.
We were at a graduation party when Tayvin befriended another little girl. I heard the mom ask her name and I wandered over, realizing that she might not understand her. Oh she understood with no doubt as Tayvin clearly said her name was Cinderella.
Oh, the world of make believe. Thanks, Walt Disney, for the wholesome stories you shared for generations to enjoy!