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The Nebraska Water Balance Alliance is asking the citizens of the state to work together to find ways to improve water management in Nebraska.
The Nebraska Water Balance Alliance is a group of farmers, water users and electric utilities who are concerned about the future of water use.
They believe that the state’s water resources comprehensively will lead to new opportunities for how, when and where water could be conserved and managed.
“A water balance inventory is about looking at the big picture and understanding the total water supply, its variability across the state and how all of the water is used and consumed in Nebraska,” explains Robert Heinz, president of the Nebraska Water Balance Alliance and general manager of Dawson Public Power District.
“Then we can use a budget to manage the available water in a sustainable way to minimize excesses and shortages and help protect the economy. Also, a focus on reducing lower value consumption, to make more water available for higher value consumptions just seems to make good sense to us.”
“We want to facilitate solutions,” adds Frank Kwapnioski, a consultant to the alliance. “And we want to emphasize that additional solutions to Nebraska’s water management challenges are available and that any solutions implemented must be effective, affordable and sustainable.”
The group has launched a website,, as a collection point for water information.