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Perkins County above state average in wage and income increases PDF Print E-mail

Research done by the City of Grant Economic Development Committee shows Perkins County to be 36th of 116 counties and metro areas reporting in rate of average wage increase from 2002, which was the year Grant’s LB840 was passed, through 2008, the latest year data was available.
County data was used, as the LB840 program has an impact beyond the city limits of Grant, and data specific to second class towns and villages was not available.
The most recent reports available from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development show Perkins County to have had a 37 percent increase in average wage 2002-2008, while the state average during the same time frame was 28 percent.
With the Perkins County average labor force being 1540 people, this means $3,083,080 more in wages annually than if the county had been at the state average.
While not possible to gauge the exact impact of the LB840 program on this increase, an impact rate of only 1 percent would account for $126,280 per year in actual payroll increase from 2002 to 2008.
Also, Perkins County per capita (total population, including farmers and self employed) income rose by 107 percent during the same time frame, placing Perkins County second in rate of increase amongst Nebraska’s 93 counties, and far above the state average of 29.5 percent.
It is worth noting, that counties with the highest rate of increase in per capita income were predominantly rural counties, while the lowest rates of increase were seen in more urban counties.