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Grant residents encouraged to clean up PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor

With spring’s arrival, it’s time to start cleaning up yards, gardens and alleys to improve the appearance of the community.
In addition to the normal cleanup following winter, some Grant residents may be nudged into taking it a step further if they fall into the ‘nuisance’ category.
The Grant City Council has approved a Nuisance Abatement Program for the northwest quadrant of town and will be moving forward in enforcing it. Previously, the program was enforced in the northeast quadrant.
An assessment of city property will soon be conducted by the nuisance officer of West Central Nebraska Development District. Any residents whose property requires clean up will be notified in writing by certified courtesy letters.
Sending the courtesy letters by certified mail assures that the property owner does indeed receive the notice.
However, to avoid receipt of a certified letter, residents are encouraged to clean up nuisance areas in Grant on their own.
Once a letter is received that a certain property requires cleanup, the owner will be given ample time to clean up the area prior to the action going before the Grant City Council.
If property owners do not clean up the designated areas, formal action will be taken and the property will be declared a nuisance by the council.
Particular attention will be paid to unlicensed vehicles (which includes yard and boat trailers), auto parts, white goods, dead trees, trash and  useless discarded items.
To aid residents in cleaning up their property, a dumpster has been placed near the grass clipping collection site west of the ball field in the southwest quadrant of town.
This dumpster is for disposal of non-hazardous materials and it is to be used by Grant residents only. White goods and metal can be taken up on the hill at First and Hancock Street to be disposed of.