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Thoughts from a commissioner...Try a little patience PDF Print E-mail

By Dave Hoffert

Dist. 2 Commissioner


First, I would like to get side tracked.  
Being the new guy on the block, I knew there would be a lot of negative talk about me, I am okay with it and knew it going in. What’s hard for me is to see it happen to the other people of the county, and do nothing—simply put, it is when people attack the people of the county, instead of the problem.  
I learned early in managing people that it is about attacking a problem, not a person.
I am not perfect at this but I do work hard at it. In my short time at the county, I know everyone there will listen if someone wants to attack and fix a problem.   
Please, let’s work at attacking problems, not people. After all, away from work these people are our friends, neighbors, and yes, even taxpayers.
• • • • •
Now, back to the roads.  
The ditches are still too soft to work—so while they dry out we are going to get a few FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) projects done.  
The good news is, when we get these projects done, FEMA pays us so we can use that money on the other roads.  
We are working at starting and finishing a project. That sounds simple, but when the road guys get pulled so many directions it is hard.  
So once again, I need your help—patience....if you run out, call me, but let the guys work.  
There will be a time when some roads will need maintained and we are not there.  I do not like it either, but there is a maintenance plan in place and we will get there. It is simply because the guys are trying to finish a project.  
In conclusion, let’s go attack problems together—my number is 289-1234.
Thanks, Dave