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Dear Editor:
A recent article that mentioned the start of turkey hunting season made a pretty alarming disclosure–not only does the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission allow children under 12 years old to hunt without completing a hunter education training course, but the agency does not have a minimum hunting age at all.
Game and Parks is dependent upon the sales of hunting licenses to fund its budget and is constantly luring children into the dangerous world of hunting to make them life-long killers.
Society understands that children under 18 years of age are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of voting, yet Game and Parks believes that children younger than twelve years old are responsible enough to handle deadly weapons?
In an effort to bolster the population of sport hunters, the state agency encourages parents and guardians to put the lives of children unnecessarily in harm’s way.
Rather than destroying a child’s innate compassion toward animals by teaching him or her to kill helpless wildlife, we should take our children camping, hiking and wildlife watching. Such activities can begin a lifetime of appreciation for wildlife and the natural world.
The popularity of hunting has been waning in recent decades as hunters die or otherwise drop out of the sport faster than new hunters can be recruited.
To learn what you can do to help violence against wildlife be abolished sooner rather than later, join our members and supporters throughout Nebraska in visiting
Joe Miele, President
The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
Las Cruces, N.M.