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Dear Editor:
Last week I met a friend from Keystone and we ate at the senior center in Ogallala. The meal was tasty, but no more so than the meals at our Perkins County Centers. I was really lucky that day because unbeknownst to me ahead of time, the musical group of “Donna (Holaway) and the Lou Lous Plus 2” were playing there that day.    
It reminded me of how fortunate the Center here in Grant has been for several years when that group has come and performed for us. Without even my asking Donna, she would get her musicians together and they would play the good old songs for a couple of hours while we ate and listened.
That also reminded me of the many other people who have entertained us during the last few years.
That list included the following: Tony Sandoval, Victoria Kumor, Pastor Richard Haden, Pastor Kevin Hausman, Bob Cummings, the Intervals from the United Methodist Church, Tyler Mahnken and Brandee Marquardt, Ethan Behrends, Jacqueline Green, Stara and Matthew Chandler-Smith, Christian School scholars, Harvey and Doris McCune, Gabrielle Patrick, Tessa Kraus, Rachel Patrick and Breanne Wehmeyer, Adams Bank and Trust personnel, The Kitchen Band from Imperial Senior Center, Cowboy Capital Chorus, Singing Valentines from the Perkins County High School, Judy Kurkowski and her quintet of Lyndee Schrotberger, Mackenzie Hite, Tori Osler, Rebecca Krause and Brooke Poppe, also from the high school, German foreign exchange student Marcus Wehrmann, Lance Glunz, Josh Sexson, Carolyn Harms, Hugs ‘n’ Teddy Bears Day Care, Little Learners Preschool, Stephanie Harms’ preschool, Wendy McCown, Naomi and Sara Schmitt, Wayne Deaver, Donna Brodbeck, Dolores Sexson, Steve Maaliao, Nora Jameson and Katherine Brandstetter, Larry and Rose Williams, Calla Mailand and Stephanie Reichert, Trudy Hundhausen, and Roxie Lampmann.
This is probably not a complete list, but     as stated above, it “includes” these people. The diners enjoyed the entertainment, and another good thing is that the performers did so without asking for any pay! How about that!
Sometimes entertainers are contacted ahead of time, and other times they just show up. So, not only does the center have meals, they also have entertainment quite often.
Call and check it out! It’s less expensive than a dinner theater in Denver!
Past activity director,
Reenie Mercier