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Laws are made to be obeyed PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
This is in regard to the letter from Perkins County Sheriff Brueggeman.
I, too, have been hearing about things coming out of the places mentioned (namely, the “shack”).
Why some people think they are above the law, I have no idea. I thought the laws were made for everyone to obey. I have cruise control on my car, which I do use.
I stop at stop signs and I treat the law enforcement with respect. Their jobs are hard enough without having to put up with disrespectful people.
I have found that if you show respect, whether it be to law enforcement, teachers, neighbors, or anyone else you encounter, you will get respect back.
The next time you see the sheriff or one of his deputies out doing their job, I would hope you would tell them what a good job they are doing and maybe issue a “thank you.” It’s not an easy job, and they are going to make some people unhappy when they issue them a ticket.
My suggestion to you is—if you obey the laws, most likely you will not get stopped or issued a ticket.                                          
Nicki J. Colson