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Pitching with Pritch...Seven Huskers drafted to NFL PDF Print E-mail

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

The NFL is a stage of controlled chaos it seems. Owners “lockout players” “Injection filed “and the lockout is lifted and the draft is conducted and immediately after that the lockout is resumed.
So now what happens to the players that were chosen? They can’t be signed yet and the signed players can’t use the facilities, talk to coaches, or get rehab or any of the off season things that they are used to having at their fingertips.
There were 254 players drafted, starting with almost everyone’s choice as a number one pick in Cam Newton who went to Carolina and then right down to the Houston’s Texans picking Cheta Ozougwu, a linebacker from Rice. Ozougwu will be just as famous for a while, for being the last pick in the draft as Newton is for being the first pick. There will be however, a slight difference in signing money when that event finally can become a reality.
The Huskers had seven players picked in this year’s draft, the most Huskers drafted by the NFL since 2001. Prince Amukamara went to the Giants in the first round on the first day of the draft, but the other six Huskers had to wait awhile before the NFL came calling.
Alex Henery went in the fourth round to the Eagles He was the highest round kicker drafted since 2006.
The Redskins took three Nebraska players, selecting Roy Helu Jr. in the fourth round, DeJon Gomes and Niles Paul in the fifth.
Keith Williams went in the sixth round to Pittsburgh and Eric Hagg went to Cleveland in the seventh round. Another player with Nebraska ties, Nathan Enderle from North Platte who played at Idaho, was drafted by the Bears.
It would appear that if you use the NFL draft as a somewhat of a gauge, then maybe the Huskers are starting to recruit better players or they are recruiting good players and coaching them up so that they become NFL caliber by the time they are drafted.
Now the draftee will have to wait and see what happens in the courts. There was supposed to be some type of meeting on this past Monday to see if some progress can be made in getting the owners and players organization back to the bargaining tables. I still think there will be professional football next fall.
Even with money being the big issue at the bargaining tables, I think that both sides know that there is too much money out there not to have games.  Time will tell.
Just for kicks, it would appear that the NBA is going to go through the same problems after this season is completed. If there were no NFL or NBA games next season, I think I would survive just fine. It would make the NCAA games even more interesting.
Summer Basketball Started
This past weekend I thought I was going to be in Lawrence, Kansas sitting on the bench with my son Troy helping him coach the “Whites” Bison team. Due to some other situations that arose, our other son Travis, his wife Denise and the trump in this game, our grandson Calen, came out from Lincoln. I stayed home to visit with them. Troy called and reported that they had gone 2-2 for the weekend. They have had no practices, and only had seven players available for this tournament. They just showed up and played for this one, so I think 2-2 was a pretty good outing.
On Saturday they played a team from California that had a 6-10 8th grader playing and one of the other teams that they played, a team from Minnesota went 6-8, 6-7, 6-6, 6-6. These are players age 16 and under that make up this division.
The Bison team will play later this summer in Indianapolis, St. Louis and in Bloomington, Minn. They will see some pretty good young players in these tournaments.
I hope to make some of the sites to watch.