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Pool’s future faces tough decisions PDF Print E-mail


By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Facing some big decisions about the future of the Grant City Pool, the council is seeking as much public input as they can get.
A survey inviting opinions has been successful so far, but it is hoped that many more respond to the questions, said City Superintendent Tyson McGreer.
The comments returned thus far have mostly been favorable for the swimming pool, he said, with some good ideas presented.
The pool in Grant City Park is 50 years old—it opened on June 11, 1961 and was dedicated a week later on June 18—and it’s definitely showing its age.
Although the facility is that old, it’s functional for summer recreation­—it’s clean, painted, and holds sparkling water ready for swimmers.
However, there are things that need to be done to it. The bath house and the pool area need updating to become ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. The locker room areas are small, with showers and toilets marred with age. The entrance/office area is cramped and has tell-tale signs of welcoming swimmers for half a century.  The building itself is showing signs of wear, i.e. rusting frames around the windows, a filter/chemical room that needs updated, a flat roof needing attention, etc.
The pool tub had a break recently after being painted and filled for the season, which delayed opening for a week. The summer swim season officially opened Monday, June 6, rather than Memorial Day.
Right now, the future of the pool is in a holding pattern, said McGreer, while waiting  for more information and input from the city’s engineer and architect.
The public is asked to take the time to become a part of the decision-making process by completing the survey, which is available at city hall and the newspaper office. Anyone who has interest in the future of the pool is welcome to complete the survey.
“We want to do what the public wants,” said McGreer. “Whether good or bad, comments will be helpful in making a decision about what to do.”
The questions in the survey include options for the public to choose such as restoring and updating the current facility, building a new pool house, leveling the entire area and redoing the pool house and the pool tub all at once, or eliminating the recreational facility altogether.
Anyone with questions or who would like to acquire a survey may call city hall at 352-2100.