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Voicing an opinion PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
To silence my opinion:
About three weeks ago I sent a letter to the editor telling what might affect the attitudes of people in a small town with over-zealous police. I also mentioned that special interest groups such as MADD help to get some unreasonable laws passed.
The following week I received a letter from Denver, Colo. with no return address. The letter contained a white powder-like substance. Some of these members of organizations go far beyond what I just experienced–especially unions.
Why didn’t this person write in and give his objections to what I wrote instead of trying to make me afraid to express my views.
I didn’t spend a year in Vietnam fighting for someone else’s freedom to come home and have some nut job try to stop my right to free speech.
I am not an outspoken person, but if I choose to voice my opinion, I will do so.
Rolly Coats