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Dear Editor:
Bill and Evonne Williams of Omaha were the promoters of the WWII flights for veterans to Washington D.C., that brought most wonderful dreams come true for each veteran.
Some people never stop doing wonderful, thoughtful deeds for people.
Evonne is employed at the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland, Neb. They have four sons and some in the service.
Evonne has put together a beautiful display, “Remembering Our Fallen,” of young men and women from Nebraska and edge of Iowa who have given their lives for our freedom.
Bill Williams called me several months ago, asking if there would be a good place available for the display and who is Grant’s city manager.                                          
During the  first part of June, Williams’ son brought the display to the Grant Senior Center.
There are over 100 young men and women in this display. It made a semi-circle backed by red, white and blue. You could view the pictures there then sit down on one of the chairs with a box of kleenex at the side to watch and hear a video of their lives on duty—really had a feeling of being in another world, far removed from our peaceful lives in Perkins County.
The entrance to the semi-circle had a memorial wreath and empty combat boots.
Every one of these young, cream of the crop service people were someone’s son, daughter, sister, father...on and on. Such a dedication.
I was lucky to have family in World War I and II and Desert Storm all who came home safely. But I can certainly identify with the loss, having lost a daughter, brother, sister and parents—that loss doesn’t go away.
Let us be ever mindful of those serving our country with prayers and respect. I’m thankful for our freedom.
It really behooves a person to know people like William who have done and is still doing such wonderful things for community, state and nation, instead of hearing all the bad news of people plotting and trying to defy our great country in thoughts and actions.
Thanks, Bill and Evonne, we will “Remember Our Fallen.” God bless you and America.
Gerry Pankonin