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Email scam affects residents across Nebraska PDF Print E-mail

Customers of Great Plains Communications may have been exposed to an email scam aimed at stealing sensitive information.
The email appears to come from Great Plains Communications and informs users that their account is about to expire and that they must supply the account’s username and password to stop the process.  Great Plains Communications is warning residents that this email does not come from it or any other reputable email provider.
If anyone believes that they have already provided this sensitive information to a scammer, they should immediately change their email password.  It’s also strongly advised that these users change the passwords for all other websites that send any correspondence through that email address.
Fortunately, it can be easy to spot a scam email with a few simple steps:
• If there are significant grammar and punctuation errors.  Scam emails will often sound “funny” and have what may be considered odd sentence structure.
• If the sender’s email address doesn’t look right.  When an email says that it comes from a company but uses a generic account, that’s a red flag.  Official correspondence from Great Plains Communications will always have the suffix.
• If the email asks for personal information.  No reputable company will ask you to send sensitive information in an unsolicited e-mail.  If you have even the smallest doubt, call the company using the number listed on the official website.
• If there is no contact information or the link to company’s website appears strange. While having contact information isn’t a guarantee that the email is legitimate, not having this information is a sure red flag.  If in doubt, go to the company’s official website and use the contact information there.
Customers of Great Plains Communications should contact its Customer Response Center at 1-888-343-8014 with any additional questions.