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City to pursue bonds for water project PDF Print E-mail

By Jan Rahn
Managing Editor
Following the third reading, Grant City Council members unanimously adopted an ordinance for water bond approval during their regular meeting on Tuesday, June 14.
The issuance of water bonds up to $550,000 will improve the city’s water system, beginning with the water main along Washington Avenue.
Bid opening for the water project was set back to the next meeting of council due to absence of the city’s engineer because he is occupied with trying to stop the river flooding from happening in areas of North Platte.
City Superintendent Tyson McGreer updated the council on meetings and other areas of city affairs.
• Pool recommendations or findings from research and the survey will be presented to council during the next meeting on June 28.
• Armor coating is still on the city’s agenda for the near future, but will be scheduled to avoid the 4th of July activities in town.
• Construction on the airport taxiway was to have begun Monday, however, was postponed due to rain.
New Business
• Council unanimously approved two temporary liquor permits for July—one for a wedding, the other for the Perkins County Fair.
• In a 4-0 vote, council approved recommendation by Planning and Zoning to formally adopt a replat of Mastre Subdivision-2 to break the land into lots for housing.  
• Council also approved a Planning and Zoning recommendation on the replat of Salsman property located on Central Avenue to divide the pasture acreage from the house and buildings so the house can be sold.
• The first reading of an ordinance amending the city code to define truck parking within city limits was read to council members who discussed the truck parking issue.
• Council also discussed allowing private vendors to locate on and sell their product from public property such as city park or streets without paying a fee for use of electricity.
Water and Lotto
Water and lotto reports were presented to council.
•  Water: During the month of May there were 12,298,600 gallons of water used. This was nearly a 7.9 million gallon increase over the previous month of April.
Water used in May 2011 was higher than May 2010 by just over 1.8 million gallons.
• Lotto: Sales of gaming at DJ’s totaled $7,255 for the month of May with a payout of $5,218 leaving a net of $2,037.