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Air fare deals may be available for travelers PDF Print E-mail

Travelers may be able to take advantage of some great air fare deals which are available after Labor Day and before the Thanksgiving Day holiday period, says AAA. Rates to some cities are so low, that it is less expensive to fly rather than drive to a destination.
As an example, a roundtrip ticket from Omaha to Minneapolis can be found for as low as $135; from Omaha to Washington D.C for $197; and from Omaha to Orlando for $194 per person. Prices include taxes and restrictions apply. Service fees and luggage fees are additional.
Rates are subject to change at any time. Many other special deals are available for those planning a fall getaway. For more information, contact the nearest AAA Travel office.  
Advice for July 4th
AAA anticipates that 39 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home during the five-day Independence Day holiday period, reflecting a 2.5 percent decline from last year. The slight decline is mainly due to higher fuel prices which have impacted discretionary spending for many families.
Of those traveling, 32.8 million (84 percent) plan to travel by automobile, 3 million (8 percent) will fly to their destination, and the remaining 3.2 million (8 percent) will travel by other modes including rail, bus and watercraft.
Roadways near major waterways in the Midwest may be impacted by flooding.
AAA advises motorists, before they leave home to pack a detailed road map in the vehicle in case they need to select an alternative route. Store phone numbers or web addresses to the state road departments on a cell phone or PDA.
Avoid driving at night since it is difficult to see flooded roadways in the dark. Do not drive across a flooded roadway. Instead, dial 911 and report it to the local authorities.
Keep in mind that today’s automobiles are equipped with many electrical systems and computers that may be damaged if exposed to flood waters. Keep the fuel tank at least half full at all times, just in case an unexpected detour is required.