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Lady Plainsmen make history with victory over Lady Indians PDF Print E-mail

Lady Plainsmen make history with victory over Lady Indians

By Shari Friedel
Tribune Staff
Perkins County and Ogallala fans alike were treated to an evening of great volleyball between the Lady Plainsmen and Lady Indians Thursday, Sept. 22.
The Lady Plainsmen finished as the victors on the Indians’ home court, winning in four sets, 25-20, 25-22, 19-25 and 25-19, a first, at least in recent Plainsmen history.
“Incredible,” praised Coach Penny Hite. “Our height was our advantage, but our heart won that game!”
Hite said she can’t remember Perkins County/Grant ever winning a game against Ogallala.
“We finally put an entire game together. I commend every single one of them. They all played very well and executed the game with great focus,” she said.
Leading the team offensively was junior Shania Metcalf with an impressive 21 kills on the night. Following were Tori Osler and Tanya Metcalf with 13 and eight; and Gabrielle Patrick and Matisyn Humphrey with seven kills apiece.
PC vs. Ogallala
25-20, 25-22, 19-25, 25-19
Kills: S.Metcalf 21, T. Osler 13, T. Metcalf 8, M. Humphrey 7, G. Patrick 7, M. Prante 2.
Blocks: T. Metcalf 12, S. Metcalf 8 (1 ace), T. Osler 6 (3 ace), G. Patrick 6 (1 ace), M. Humphrey 4, K. Beck 1.
Set assists: K. Beck 51, M. Prante 1, S.Metcalf 1.
Ace serves: S. Metcalf 4, S. Pollard 2, M. Humphrey 2.
Perkins County
Home Triangular

The Lady Plainsmen hosted a triangular on Tuesday, Sept.  20 with Sutherland and Creek Valley attending.
Sutherland won the triangular, beating Creek Valley in the first match and Perkins County in the second.
The Lady Plainsmen won the first set against Sutherland with a comfortable lead, 25-19.
“They had the game plan down and they knew what they had to do,” said Coach Hite. “The first set was executed perfectly.”
The Lady Plainsmen seemed to have the advantage in the second set as well, with a seven point lead early in the game, but lost their momentum and finished the set 23-25.
“We just stopped the attack and went cold,” said Hite. “By the third set, we just couldn’t find ourselves and let them finish.”
The score of the third set was 14-25 in Sutherland’s favor.
Perkins County beat Creek Valley in two sets during the third match of the evening, 25-14, 25-11.
“It was hard to get excited after a loss, yet good to show that they can still play well enough to get the win,” said Hite. “We need to get more pressure situations so we know how to handle it in the big games when it counts. Our toughest opponent right now is ourselves.”
Next Action
The Lady Plainsmen hit the court again on Monday, Sept. 26 in a home match against Haxtun and traveled to Chase County for a triangular with the Lady Longhorns and Lady Swedes of Gothenburg on Tuesday, Sept. 27. Saturday, Oct. 1 will see them travelling to Gothenburg for the varsity only invitational.
PC vs. Sutherland
25-19, 23-25, 14-25

Kills: S. Metcalf 11, T. Metcalf 5, T. Osler 3, M. Humphrey 3, M. Prante 2, G. Patrick 1, K. Beck 1.
Blocks: G. Patrick 8 (5 ace) T. Metcalf 8 (2 ace), S. Metcalf 7, K. Beck 4 (1 ace), T. Osler 4 (2 ace), M. Humphrey 1.
Set assists: K. Beck 24, M. Prante 1.
Ace serves: S. Metcalf 4, M. Humphrey 2.
PC vs. Creek Valley
25-14, 25-11

Kills: S. Metcalf 7, T. Metcalf 7, M. Humphrey 5, G. Patrick 4, T. Osler 3, K. Beck 1.
Blocks: G. Patrick 4 (1 ace), T. Metcalf 4 (2 ace), S. Metcalf 2 (1 ace), M. Humphrey 1.
Set assists: K. Beck 25, T. Metcalf 1.
Ace serves: S. Pollard 3, T. Metcalf 3, J. Woodmancy 1, K. Beck 1.