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Love of travel PDF Print E-mail

By Pastor Rich Savage
United Methodist Church, Grant

As long as I can remember, I have enjoyed traveling. When I was a kid I remember traveling to see my grandparents and other family. I can only remember one true vacation to the mountains when I was in grade school, But out of those times grew a great love of traveling.
There is something about driving through the countryside and seeing the hills or mountains off in the distance, or dirt roads going off over the hills, or even the clouds on the horizon that look like mountains that speaks to something in me. It beckons me, calling me to come, explore, and find the treasures just beyond where I can see.
As I thought about that, I see God’s grace being like that. God, in His goodness to us and His desire to be in a relationship with us, is always out in front of us offering us opportunities to find Him and come into a relationship with Him. He came in the person, Jesus, so that we could see more clearly what that means and how that works. God is always reaching out to us! That is called God’s Prevenient Grace.
God provides many opportunities for us to come to Him. They may come through a parent or other family member. It may be through a friend or even a stranger. It may be through something in nature. Sometimes it is through a tragic event in our lives or the life of those around us. But God is always there inviting, wooing, encouraging, drawing us to respond to Him and to His love for us. God wants us to find Him!!
There are many roads we can travel. Are we on the one that leads to God? Are we open to hearing His call to us? I haven’t always been open. I put up roadblocks. Too many times, MY way was more important than God’s. Those times were dead ends in my life. But God persisted and finally got my attention more fully.
Are you wandering in your life? Are you open to a new life? Have you found God?
Life is a journey from conception to God. Next week I will talk more about it. God bless you! And remember, God loves you!
Your fellow traveler on the journey,
Rev. Rich Savage