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Coincidence reunites college roommates after 76 years PDF Print E-mail

By Shari Friedel
Tribune Staff
When Ruth Morehead joined Marjory Hayford, both 94,  in a room at Golden Ours Convalescent Home in Grant, little did they know at the time they were experiencing a reunion. The two would soon come to realize that they had shared accommodations before, 76 years ago in a college dorm.
Marjory Gotobed and Ruth Hahn were teenagers from Kearney and Hamlet, Neb., respectively, when they became roommates at what was then known as Kearney State Teachers College in the mid-1930s.
They lived in a flat with several other girls, where they cooked meals, studied and socialized in what was known as Green Terrace Hall. Although it was in the middle of the Depression, they have fond memories of the time.
“We were all in the same boat,” Marjory said. “No one had any money.”
“But we had a lot of fun,” added Ruth.
The two were roommates for nine months. After their schooling, the two went their separate ways and eventually lost touch.
Marjory married Norman Hayford, a farmer, and raised two sons with him. She taught in Ogallala, Washington State, California, and finally returned to Ogallala.
Ruth married Maynard “M.R.” Morehead, taught in several country schools in Nebraska and raised three sons.
Marjory and Ruth had a chance meeting at a dentist’s office in Ogallala during the 1940s, but hadn’t seen each other since.
Ruth was in assisted living in Grant and Marjory had been living in Ogallala before they moved to Golden Ours.
Marjory describes Ruth as “the best storyteller I’ve ever known.”
When Ruth moved in with Marjory at Golden Ours this summer, she commented to one of the nurses that she had known someone named “Marjory Gotobed” in college.
Marjory said she sat up in bed and said, “Well, that’s me!”
“It was a wonderful surprise,” said Marjory, whose family lives far away, and who has lost most of her elderly friends.
“It’s quite wonderful to be back together again,” she said.