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Foreign exchange student enjoys easy-going American lifestyle PDF Print E-mail

By Shania Metcalf
PCHS Journalism Student
You may have recently seen a new face around the school or community. This girl is Anita Allgeier from Frankfurt, Germany. Anita’s family at home in Germany is just like a regular family here. Her mother is a teacher at an elementary school, and her father is a banker. She has one older brother who is 19.  He works at her dad’s bank and is also planning on going to San Diego for college.
The Allgeiers do not have any pets though, because they live in the city, and would not have time for them with their busy schedules.
Anita lives with Chuck and Rochelle Humphrey and their family, just outside of Grant.         “The Humphreys are very crazy, and it’s never boring at their house,” Anita comments. Along with living with Chuck and Rochelle, Anita lives with one “bigger” sister Matisyn, two younger sisters, Makenzi and Myranda, and one younger brother, Billy.
“I’ve been really lucky to live with such a great family.” she says.
Anita is with Education First (EF) international exchange program. They have been very helpful and involved with Anita’s experiences here. Anita had the choice of what country she wanted to travel to, but did not get to pick the state.
When asked what her top three choices to travel to were, she said, “I think every exchange student wants to go to California, but I wasn’t interested in living there for a year. I think it’s more about the people and the family.”
Anita says that if she had the choice, she wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.
“I am very happy being here,” she said. “The first few days were very hard because it was a big change with all the food, the time change, and the new town, but I’m used to everything now.”
Anita says that it is more easy-going here in America than it is in Germany.
“In Germany, everything has to be perfect and organized,” she said. She says she really likes the American lifestyle more than the one she had in Germany and it’s more about having fun and just having a good time.
Anita says she likes that [athletic] practices are after school, so she has some free time at night. In Germany, practice beings usually at 7 or 8 p.m.
“I really enjoy hanging around with friends at night here, because in Frankfurt it’s not that easy,” she said. “You can’t just go hang out outside because it’s dangerous at night and parents don’t want their kids to be outside. You need to be in a restaurant or something.”
She said that she loves American people because they’re open-minded about new people and ask a lot of questions about her country.
“People here really show interest in where I came from,”  she said. The German people are more reserved and it takes them more time to warm up to people.
Although Anita loves it here, she said she misses her family, friends and teachers from Germany. She also misses the food and Oktoberfest!
If you see Anita around the community or anywhere else, be sure to give her a warm welcome and don’t be afraid to ask her about her country and heritage!