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By M. Lee

Tribune Staff

Mysterious letter sent to Grant resident

One Year Ago
November 4, 2010
In a 259 to 168 vote, Perkins County unofficially elected Dave Hoffert to serve as the next District 2 Commissioner. There were 736 registered voters in District 2.
Perkins County voters chose Senator Mark Christensen, incumbent senator in the 44th Legislative District, over his opponent, former senator Tom Baker. Christensen received 754 unofficial votes, while Baker received 308.
Ten Years Ago
October 25, 2001
Cyril Mastre of Grant received a letter with no return address and a gravelly feel to it. Mastre was a bit nervous because of all the anthrax attacks. He took the letter to the sheriffs office where they opened it and found a fine chain sent by an organization in Deerfield Beach, Fla., soliciting funds for hungry children.
Twenty-five Years Ago
October 15, 1986
Corn harvest was put on pause after snow and hard freeze. Moisture was from 17 to 24 percent.
Farmers debated on whether or not to keep letting people hunt for free. Hunters then said they would stop hunting before paying for it.
Fifty Years Ago
October 26, 1961
The balloon mentioned in the Denver weather report was clearly visible in the Grant area. Locally, it appeared as a huge transparent bubble floating eastward. Although seemingly quite high, it was easy to spot as the sun was shining brightly on it.
Warning to hunters, whoever destroys any type of mailbox willfully or maliciously. You shall be fined not more than $1,000 or imprisoned not more than three years.
Seventy-Five Years Ago
October 22, 1936
“Fish requires quick cooking at high temperatures to seal the juices. Fish cooked too long is tasteless.”
“Tomatoes and peppers baked in muffin pans or individual molds keep their shape better than when baked in larger pans.”