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The high cost of lacking water

By M. Lee

One Year Ago
November 18, 2010
Remembering and honoring those who provided the nation’s freedoms. The morning of Veterans Day began with a snow/rain mix, that hampered the start of activities scheduled in Perkins County.
A Wallace man was in critical condition after a  shooting. According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, the shooting was the result of an argument over a bet payoff. Three others were arrested following the shooting.

Ten Years Ago
November , 2001
Aten Department Store closed after 34 years of business. “So much thought and emotion went in this decision, but it is not financially prudent to continue,” said Store Manager Gregg Aten, in a statement to the public.
Plainsmen march on to continue in their quest for a State Championship Honor in football. By beating Stromsburg, the Plainsmen advanced to the final round where they played Lawrence-Nelson.

Twenty-five Years Ago
October 22, 1986
The high cost of lacking water. Statistics are on thing, but the $5,000 bill Eldon Peterson will be getting for the new well in this backyard is quite something else. Eldon is the real life example of what water officials have been warning about for years, and the reason for all the agitation in the region to get some water onto the tableland from the South Platte.

Fifty Years Ago
November 9, 1961
Three Grant youths received the coveted God and Country Boy Scout award Sunday at the worship services. The long program to earn the award included three phases of education and growth in the field of church service: (1) The boy’s personal faith, (2) Gaining a greater knowledge of his church, and (3) Gaining a greater knowledge of how the church works in the community and society about him.

Seventy-Five Years Ago
October 29, 1936
“It is a mistaken idea that cucumbers must be soaked in cold water for some time before serving, to remove the pison in them. They are not poisonous. Slice them and cover with ice until ready to serve, then remove ice.”
“Don’t sprinkle mustard loosely into water when preparing a foot bath for a patient. It will not dissolve quickly and may adhere to the skin and blister it. First mix mustard to a paste. One tablespoon of mustard to a gallon of water is the proportion used.”