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Make the best of the rest PDF Print E-mail

Here we are a few days into a new year—2011 has been “put to bed”—as we like to say in the newspaper world.
We tend to look back on those 365 days and wonder what in the world we did with them!
Obviously, I have tons of fond memories and have the photos and journal entries to prove it—but still wonder what I really “accomplished.”        
My New Year’s resolutions have pretty much been thrown by the wayside every year since I can remember, so I don’t put much effort into making one anymore. Besides....they’ve gotten boring and redundant. It’s always the same old thing—lose weight, clean closets, etc. When you get to be a certain age, stuff like that just isn’t important anymore—and no one cares anyway!
Sure, I’d like to think I could keep a fantastic new resolution and pat myself on the back, but again, who cares!
When I look back on 2011 I think of the things that mattered to my heart—my faith, the ones I love, their love for me, my trueblue friends. Remembering to look up in the morning as I leave the house and start every single day with God’s gift of a brand new sky ranks high on the list. A safe place to live, happiness in my job, good health and well being for my loved ones, along with blessings too numerous to count are things to remember each day.     
When the 360 days left in 2012 come to an end, I hope I can look back and give myself credit that I held on to the important things and let the rest go.
I want to let go of the stresses and the messes. I want to recall the pleasure of life, the measure of love. I wish to be better, get stronger. I promise myself to laugh robustly and smile unsparingly.
Simple enough goals, eh? Well—here’s to you—I hope on Jan. 1, 2013 you can look back and tell yourself you had a tremendous year!
Jan Rahn