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Maybe next year

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

It was the best of times, it was the worst times. I think that has been used somewhere before, but it is appropriate for my last few days. Our Christmas with our family was this past weekend, so part of the worst side of the week was that we would miss some really important events that were going on here. But on the other side of the situation we were now in a position to see Troy’s Malcolm Clippers play in their Holiday Tournament plus spend some extra time with the family and the grandsons.
I am finding that for a couple of boys who don’t weigh 40 pounds between them, they carry a lot of weight in family matters.
The rest of the worst times just dealt with the Huskers and the men’s basketball team and, of course, the Huskers in the Bowl game.
Best stuff first. My stance on grandsons is the same! There is never enough time to spend with them. Next were the Clippers. We got to see two games and they won both of them.
The first night it was against Friend and the Clippers won pretty easily after playing the first quarter like they had been on Christmas break. Finally, they put together some pretty good defense and offense and got a first round 18-point win.
The second night was against Centennial and they were a much better team and Malcolm came from seven back to win by two. Centennial had been a tough customer for the Clippers in the tournament the last couple of years so it was a big win and ran their record to 6-2 for December.
Now for the Huskers. Saturday they played much better against Michigan State, but even after making a run late in the game, they couldn’t finish and lost by 13.
The Big Ten basketball is like Big Ten football. You better have some big, physical players in the middle and Nebraska doesn’t.
They have some post players, but they are injured and it is questionable when they get back if it will make that much difference.
I think it will be a long season and there won’t be any post season play.
The Bowl game changed on a “Hail Mary” pass with six seconds left in the first half. After that it appeared that the Huskers went to the philosophy of trying to make Taylor Martinez do things he isn’t real good at and do away from things that work like Rex Burkhead.
The Huskers fell apart in the “Red Zone” enough times when the game was still in reach of winning or a spot that would have made the “Old Ball Coach” do something different that put the pressure back on the “Big Red.”
Throw in a couple of questionable calls and one of your best players turning “Rocky” on you and getting tossed and you end up a loser to an SEC team that was beatable. Maybe next year.
Congrats to the Lady Plainsmen on winning their portion of the Booster Club tournament.