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Weekend weeds out teams

By Larry Pritchett
Past PCHS Activities Director

Tebow time for this season has ended.  I thought last week my comments were just  a reference or two to what I thought Tebow’s quarterbacking skills were in relationship to being a professional player. Obviously, some thought I was questioning his toughness or his religion.  I don’t question either.
Tim Tebow is what every dad would like as a son or at least I would think he would be close.  All that said, it doesn’t make him a good professional quarterback. His position is a lot like a coach, they get too much credit when the team wins and way too much criticism when the team takes a loss.
New England did a great job in putting the Broncos in a deep hole and that made the game plan probably change a little. It put Tebow in a spot where his skills are the weakest. It will be interesting to see how the Broncos build around Tebow or if they decide to go in a different philosophical direction and try to get back to a more conventional offensive approach.
If you liked excitement, then the 49ers and the Saints was a great game to watch. The Saints come from 17 down to take a lead late, but the 49ers score with nine seconds left to advance. Four touchdowns in the last four minutes with two of them coming in the last three minutes.
This was one of those games where the team with the ball last was going to win. Even though the 49ers had a tremendous turnaround from last season, I thought the Saints would win this one because their offense was so good.  Didn’t happen that way and the 49ers are in the league finals, and only one game away from the Super Bowl.
SPVA Basketball
This week the SPVA boys and girls basketball tournament is being played in North Platte at NPCC.  This tournament has been very competitive through the years. This year could be another one of those years. If you like high school basketball this is a great week.  
On top of that, on Wednesday, I will go to Lincoln and watch Indiana and the Huskers play. The Huskers got their first Big10 win last week with a win over Penn State, and they will have a big task against Indiana, as they have made a big turnaround this year and are rated in the top ten.
See you at the games!