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Presidential candidates need to change focus PDF Print E-mail

Dear Editor:
I am utterly dismayed at the dismal pool of contenders for the U.S. Presidential Election in this year of 2012. Both political parties are both disillusioning and disappointing to me. Too often, politicians try to press people’s “hot buttons’ by invoking God’s name (in vain) just to pander for votes.
Make no mistake: I believe in Almighty God; but I don’t believe in taking God’s name in vain or peddling it for personal political-gain by wearing my denominational-affiliation on my shirt-sleeve.
I respect anyone’s right to have individual “Freedom of Religion.” How they practice it; and how they use it to shape their belief-system and morals is their business–as long as it doesn’t infringe or impede someone else’s personal airspace.
I am afraid that the candidates are sorely lacking substantive answers to human survival issues–and that is the crux behind their hiding-behind subjective (and hotly inflammatory rhetoric). I hate to see our beloved United States turn into a divided nation, polarized by an “Us” versus “them” mindset. Why can’t we find some common-ground?
Gasoline-prices in America for this time of the year are soaring; Unemployment is disgracefully high; families are struggling to make ends meet–yet we continue to import products from places like China (when we should be producing those products here at home and giving a job to an “American Worker.”
Our government’s national debt is an even larger disgrace. It will drive our nation to bankruptcy and the country will be beholden to a Communist-country as our “banker.” We have uncertainty and instability: we risk rotting (such as what occurred in Greece).
I believe in clean energy; yet I also simultaneously believe in utilizing our God-given American natural resources of crude oil, sweet coal, and natural gas–until newer technologies come online in the future. This nation runs on Energy. Our economic prosperity depends upon affordable energy. We cannot wait for prosperity to come knocking at our doorstep. We must build prosperity by our own American sweat and toil.
I just wish a presidential contender would come along and at least make a start in turning this country around. We are on the wrong track and we need new leadership that is untarnished by lobbyists, big-money donors, ethical lapses; infidelity or moral turpitude; or indifference to the plight of Ordinary folks.
In 2012, we need a drastic “change”......but we must do more than “hope” and pray...we must vote with our feet; and exercise populist feelings by loudly voicing our displeasure toward those who govern in Washington, DC.     
Personally, I believe that all incumbents in Washington D.C. should be kicked-out. We need a fresh start and shun the career politicians and their cronies. A bigger challenge is finding someone who will live-up to such promises to restore America’s greatness and restore our collective unity. That is a tall order, these days.
James A. Marples
Longview, Texas