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Farmer’s donation through Monsanto will keep Westview cool PDF Print E-mail


Local farmer directs $2,500 through America’s Farmers Grow CommunitiesSM

Though winter continues to linger in Nebraska, board members of the Westview Retirement Association are already giving thought to keeping residents comfortable when summer’s high temperatures return.
Helping out toward that end, the board recently received a donation from the Monsanto Fund’s Grow CommunitiesSM to help keep residents cool and comfortable for years to come.
Grow Communities gives farmers the opportunity to win $2,500 for their favorite local nonprofit organizations. Randy Regier was the winning farmer in Perkins County. He decided to donate to the retirement association to help keep quality local care options available for families.
“My Mom went there for a time, as have other people I know, before going on to a nursing home,” Regier said. “I couldn’t believe the level of care she received, or how hard they worked to make it comfortable and enjoy her time there. It’s a great thing for us to have that in our community.”
The organization will use the $2,500 to help replace a number of air conditioners with new, more efficient air conditioning units. Association Executive Director, Ronda Hutt said that though 90 percent of the facility’s funding comes from fees for services and earned income, the final 10 percent comes from individual gifts and donations, which are sometimes critical to help make updates and do timely maintenance.
“With our facility being 25 years old, maintenance becomes a challenge,” Hutt said. “We thank the Monsanto Fund, as we do all of our donors for helping support our mission of creating a great community with great services.”
In a ceremony held on Thursday at the Westview facility, Regier got the chance to present the Perkins County Retirement Association with the $2,500 donation.
“It’s a great honor to do this, especially knowing how it will be appreciated,” Regier said. “I certainly thank the Monsanto Fund for the opportunity.”
Grow Communities is part of a broad commitment by the Monsanto Fund to invest in farm communities. It aims to highlight the important contributions farmers make every day to society.
Through America’s Farmers Grow Communities:
• Farmers in 1,245 eligible counties have the chance to win $2,500 for their favorite community nonprofit organizations.
• The Monsanto Fund has invested more than $3.1 million to rural communities this year alone.
• More than $570,000 in total has been donated to nonprofits in Nebraska
• Winners and information: