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Omaha Chamber of Commerce visits Grant

By S. Goff

One Year Ago
May 5, 2011
The Eagle Scouts were approved by city council to start their new project at Fairview Cemetery. The flagpoles were set to be refurbished by brothers, Christian Miyamoto, who repaired hardware and ropes, and Chase Miyamoto, who painted all of the poles.
Ten Years Ago
May 2, 2002
As of April 25 west and southwest Nebraska slipped from “moderate” drought status to “severe” classification, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. The year’s average rainfall was typically 4.14 inches by the end of April, and was only at 2.65 inches. Mary Karash of the USDA FSA office in Grant began to look into applying for emergency status due to such dry conditions.
Twenty-five Years Ago
May 6, 1987
Five new water meters were purchased by the City of Grant to obtain information as to the amount of water being used in the community. The issue of water usage had come up over concerns voiced by the Upper Republican Natural Resource District. Grant had been allocated 200 million gallons of water, however, used more than 228 million gallons.
Fifty Years Ago
May 3, 1962
A new x-ray machine was installed at the Perkins County Hospital. The new unit was a great improvement from the previously used unit, as it was more versatile, and could perform many more jobs with much higher accuracy. The machine came at the cost of $13,000.
Seventy-Five Years Ago
May 7, 1937
More than 100 members of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce paid  a visit to Grant, on a mini tour that lasted 5 days, through 72 towns, in Nebraska, Colorado, and South Dakota.  They put on a parade, throwing candy, balloons and souvenirs, down main street. The parade was led by a live band and lasted only about 20 minutes. The leader of the visiting delegation, Mr. Spier said they “had nothing to sell except neighborly good will.”