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Sherlock returns to “Masterpiece Mystery” PDF Print E-mail

The struggle goes on in 21st century London as the updated team of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson battle the worst that modern criminality has to offer, including a computer-savvy arch-villain who wants to rule the world.
“Masterpiece Mystery!” presents “Sherlock, Series 2,” airing in two thrilling episodes on Sundays, May 13, and 20, at 8 p.m. CT, repeating the following Saturdays at 8 p.m. CT on NET1 and NET/HD.
Benedict Cumberbatch returns as the world’s foremost consulting detective, with Martin Freeman as the stalwart, if edgy, Dr. John Watson, and Andrew Scott as the unassuming mastermind of evil, Jim Moriarty.  Cumberbatch was judged “a Sherlock for the 21st century”  by the San Francisco Chronicle, while Freeman was called “masterfully deadpan…far more than a mere foil to Holmes” on Zap2it.
Each of the three episodes in the new season is pegged to a classic Sherlock Holmes story by Arthur Conan Doyle–delightfully, weirdly, wittily, and briskly updated.  The episodes are:
“The Hounds of Baskerville” (May 13) – Sherlock and Watson pursue the trail of the Baskerville experiments – top-secret government research on genetically engineered gigantic animals for military use. Or so it is rumored. Whatever the truth, something big is on the moors.
“The Reichenbach Fall” (May 20) – In what may be the climatic case of his career, Sherlock faces Moriarty’s diabolical plot to “get Sherlock,” which begins innocently enough when the criminal mastermind breaks into the Crown Jewels. As the scheme unfolds, Moriarty poses the “final problem” and a tabloid reporter reveals the “shocking truth” about the great detective.